Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Had I only known.

Tonight as my daughter and I were cleaning up after dinner and loading up the dishwasher she asked if she could add the soap to it. This wasn't anything she had ever done or even asked to do, no big deal, I just walked her through the process. After closing the door and starting up the dishwasher she turned to me and said, "Wow, Mom! Thanks for showing me how to be a mom."

Boy, if I'd only known that is all it would have taken I would've never done the whole pregnancy and labor thing. Twice.

More Tid-Bits of Worthless Information

I just can't believe this. Last October I posted on tib-bits and non sense that no one cares to know with a small update here. What I can't believe is that I left off one BIG thing.

When I was young I didn't have an imaginary friend, nope. I had an imaginary motorcyle. Yes, I also had an imaginary helmut.

There you have it, my addition. I would park the motorcycle in the room and show all in the house where it was so that they wouldn't walk into it and knock it over.

Okay, so why am I sharing this now? Because I saw this video this week, and well, see for yourself - you'll understand why the sudden flashback.

WARNING: This could be highly bothersome and annoying to many, but the way I see it it will not only give you a glimpse into my childhood experience but will also allow you to share the emotions by many of the individuals living with me in my youth (emotions being that of annoyance).

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tons of Random Stuff

WHAT A BLAST! Thanks Shalee for organizing! I loved getting to meet people and putting face, blog and personalities together. I am now going through and trying to go back thru everyone┬┤s blog so I can picture them better when reading their posts. It sure does make it a lot fun this way.

Ad tagged me. Unfortunately for her, she was unaware of what a sore spot she would hit with me. I do not have the perfect mug. I have one I like but it has its flaws. One - not dishwasher safe. Two - no lid. Three - only hold 2 cups worth of coffee. Sigh. One the positive, this is my current favorite mug because....I like the Plaza scene (the lights "turn on" when the hot coffee fills the mug), while they were making these mugs annually it was a tradition for my mother to give them to me at Christmas time, and they are larger than your average sized coffee cup. There you have it. As an added bonus, my mother just happened to be staying the night with me on the day I was tagged by Ad, so I got her "mug shot". Enjoy. Oh, and when I do find the perfect mug - I'll be sure to post on it.

Yes, the day has come. My 6-year-old thinks she is ready. This'll be a fun post to look forward to, look for it next week.

Are there any other awful, horrible mothers who refuse to play Barbies with their daughters or am I the only one? ARGH! Pure torture and agony for me! I have to grit my teeth when I do reluctantly agree...hence, I'm on my way. Wish me luck.

Friday, June 23, 2006

In case you can't seem to find your HAND...


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Captivating - Chapter Two

This chapter is stuffed with one great concept/learning after another. Beginning with creation and how Eve is the crown of creation. Wow! My entire life has been spent hearing creation stories and how woman was placed on earth to be man's personal assistant. Now, don't get me wrong - while I do enjoy assisting my husband and find great joy and fulfillment in that - it is not the soul purpose for which I was created. I love this! John and Stasi paint a beautiful picture of Eve.  I love how they define God's heart for relationships and how he longs to be sought after, just like the heart of a woman. I pause and think of my own desire for God and how it is lacking. I don't know that I've ever sought after him so desperately. I've gone to God and sought him desperately for help but I have not sought him desperately to love and adore him. Yeah, I've worshiped him, but I think it goes beyond worship. Seeking to be with him because of his beauty and to simply have the opportunity to love him, that is what I lack and that is what I think would bring me great intimacy in my relationship with him.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Soccer Camp Blues

My son is in soccer camp this week. Just an hour each morning. Unfortunately, he doesn't like it.
How do I know he doesn't like it? I think he gave it away when he came running off the field mid-game and said, "I'm done."

When I encouraged him to run back out and join his team he punctuated his personal view point by facing me (and all the other parents who were sitting on the bleachers) and screaming at the top of his lungs, "This is so BO-RING!" Yes, folks. Not just once, but three times.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Lion, The Bird, and The WeedsFlowers

Okay, needless to say - I've had an interesting few days. Here goes:

The Lion Last week was K's theatrical camp. They worked on a one-act of The Lion King, very fun evening! She was a zebra. She played it very convincingly.

The Bird The kids and I heard it when we got home Friday afternoon, it was stepping around on the vent of our attic fan. I panic. Of course. I call my husband. Of course. He tells me to open the vent and try to get it out. WHAT!???!! He did, he told me to let the bird out! I told him, YOU ARE CRAZY! I had no intention of chasing a bird all around the house No way. But, he reminded me of when we had bird in the attic before, and well, the bird didn't make it and we had to live with the smell for weeks. Yuk. He told me this was our only chance if I did indeed think it was walking around on the vent. I did it. I opened it up and down came a little bird. It couldn't even fly yet, it was so little. My husband and I think it was nesting on the chimney and fell out, and fell down a hole in the roof (which is an absolutely different topic as to why there are holes in the roof....) and was caught. I proceeded to remove the bird to its natural elements...anywhere outside. And you know what? That dumb bird did want to leave me. I would set it on the ground and it would come right back to me. It just wanted to sit around on my hand. Here is the video of my kids trying to talk me into keeping it as a pet. Ha, right!

The Weeds Flowers My dear son is going through a very sweet stage. He loves me. I have to admit it is very flattering. It has been a long time since I've been given flowers so frequently. Yes, mostly they are little yellow weeds that he finds on the ground, but he has been known to climb into landscaping to retrieve some, well, that are not weeds. I have been trying to teach him the difference between flowers that are supposed to stay in the ground for "decoration" and we are making some progress. But, really, I love the weeds just as much. Here is a picture of my latest delivery.

Flowers Posted by Picasa

Captivating - Chapter One

It has been a blast to read all of the input of you wonderful women that are doing this study! I can't thank God enough for the opportunity to experience this with you.
This chapter was very good for me. I first read this book last summer when it was first published so I've had a while to marinate my thoughts from this book. I do remember, however, having a great feeling of weight lifted when I began reading the book initially. And still the part that stood out the most for me in this chapter is the part where Staci mentions, "I am not enough, and I am too much at the same time."  All my life I've thought of myself as pretty average. I'm not tall but I'm not short. I'm not thin but I'm not fat. I'm not ugly but I'm not beautiful. I'm average, just plain. I have always felt And in feeling that I felt guilty for not appreciating what God had given me, and in not feeling appreciative, I felt sinful. Do you see where this is going? A constant cycle of ups and downs.  But in reading this I see that is how Satan loves to attack me and pull me down. As soon as my focus is on pitiful little me, I sink. Our adversary knows that, boy is he ever good at this game.
You know that old saying, "go for the jugular"? Well, Satan goes straight for the heart. Staci quotes Prov. 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life" and follows it by saying that our heart is core to who we are. And who am I? just who God made me. I am a reflection of Him! I carry the beauty of God in me! I may not be like somebody else, but that is okay - because each of us are a reflection of God. And in each of us we can see a glimpse of God, a different side of Him in each of us, a different part of His beauty in each of us.
I've never been "Suzy Homemaker" and I never will be. I wish I was, but I'm not. And that is okay. I may not reflect the beauty of God's cleanliness...hahaha. But knowing what my hearts desires are I know I reflect the beauty of God's adventurous side. I think in who I am I reflect the beauty of God's caring for others.
I'm on a journey to discover my heart. I pray this book will help me discover what are the deepest desires of my heart and in that discovery I will find the truest reflection of God in me. And I am ready.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Today is crazy hair day at K's summer camp. Check out the hair!!!

Crazy Hair Day Posted by Picasa

Update: Yes, this little child won the prize at camp for craziest hair. Fun, fun!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Extra, Extra...Free Spirit Thrives on a Schedule!

Yes, I am one of those annoying people who can fly half-way around the world and never peak at a Fodor's, not schedule a hotel room to stay in, or have any semblance of an agenda to follow - and I'll love every minute of my intense adventure! The thrill of the unknown is unbelievably exhilarating!!! (Someday I should post on my trip to London and Ireland...insane!)

Back to reality...

This type of living is not for everyone. And quite frankly, what I've learned is that it is not ideal for me either - not as a stay-at-home-mom. Nope. I'll need to save that free spirit for more appropriate times. (I'm sure there's a post coming on that in the near future.) I've learned that while I get bored on the same schedule everyday I can thrive on a daily schedule that allows for "mixing things up".

I have always struggled with being a "house-wife", but I do LOVE being a stay-at-home-mom. That being said you can see what areas I am always challenged by: laundry, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, need I go on? Those areas are especially challenging when I fell like they are the ONLY things I'm focusing on as a human. Hence, enters in the weekly schedule.

I've come to realize that even though I am a free spirit and consistency in a schedule is an absolute bore - I do thrive on a schedule. So, I've created a schedule that keeps me focused on the not-so-interesting-things-to-me while also scheduling fun. I schedule play time with the kids, cleaning time, me time, and out-and-about time too. And it has worked well for me, very well I might add.

How about you? Do you love keeping house? Do you struggle with keeping house? How do you work around your challenge areas?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Fields of Dreams

My son had his first "baseball" experience on Tuesday night. This was his first team practice ever. And he loved every last lovin' lickin' minute of it! I was so proud of him. Here are a couple of pics...

Did you see the arm on that boy?!!? Yeah, that's my boy.

He did not want to leave his little field of dreams, and so we were the last to leave. And, yes, I felt the breeze.

This is a test post


(if you are reading this...i'm obviously having issues)

UPDATE: I have resolved my differences with Blogger. I'm giving him once more chance.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Guilty Pleasure

I've been known to get addicted to computer games. Okay, well, maybe it's not known, but I do tend to get a little face sucked by the computer when a new strategy game or arcade style game comes along.

My latest addiction (can't say it is just ONE game...I've tried several)?

Disney Game Cafe

Check it out. Let me know if this site feeds your addiction.

Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm not vain, really!

If I had a ton of money to throw away for convenience sake...

- Lasik Eye surgery

- Lazer hair removal (full leg, please!) I HATE shaving!

- Permanent lip stick (aka - tattoo my lips...yikes! I would, I really would.)

- Microdermabrasion /Skin peel - or any treatment that would give me a smooth complexion. Argh, I hate teenage blemish scars!

- Hire a weekly home cleaning service.

What would you do to make your life more convenient?