Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Tid-Bits of Worthless Information

I just can't believe this. Last October I posted on tib-bits and non sense that no one cares to know with a small update here. What I can't believe is that I left off one BIG thing.

When I was young I didn't have an imaginary friend, nope. I had an imaginary motorcyle. Yes, I also had an imaginary helmut.

There you have it, my addition. I would park the motorcycle in the room and show all in the house where it was so that they wouldn't walk into it and knock it over.

Okay, so why am I sharing this now? Because I saw this video this week, and well, see for yourself - you'll understand why the sudden flashback.

WARNING: This could be highly bothersome and annoying to many, but the way I see it it will not only give you a glimpse into my childhood experience but will also allow you to share the emotions by many of the individuals living with me in my youth (emotions being that of annoyance).

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