Thursday, June 22, 2006

Captivating - Chapter Two

This chapter is stuffed with one great concept/learning after another. Beginning with creation and how Eve is the crown of creation. Wow! My entire life has been spent hearing creation stories and how woman was placed on earth to be man's personal assistant. Now, don't get me wrong - while I do enjoy assisting my husband and find great joy and fulfillment in that - it is not the soul purpose for which I was created. I love this! John and Stasi paint a beautiful picture of Eve.  I love how they define God's heart for relationships and how he longs to be sought after, just like the heart of a woman. I pause and think of my own desire for God and how it is lacking. I don't know that I've ever sought after him so desperately. I've gone to God and sought him desperately for help but I have not sought him desperately to love and adore him. Yeah, I've worshiped him, but I think it goes beyond worship. Seeking to be with him because of his beauty and to simply have the opportunity to love him, that is what I lack and that is what I think would bring me great intimacy in my relationship with him.

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