Monday, June 19, 2006

The Lion, The Bird, and The WeedsFlowers

Okay, needless to say - I've had an interesting few days. Here goes:

The Lion Last week was K's theatrical camp. They worked on a one-act of The Lion King, very fun evening! She was a zebra. She played it very convincingly.

The Bird The kids and I heard it when we got home Friday afternoon, it was stepping around on the vent of our attic fan. I panic. Of course. I call my husband. Of course. He tells me to open the vent and try to get it out. WHAT!???!! He did, he told me to let the bird out! I told him, YOU ARE CRAZY! I had no intention of chasing a bird all around the house No way. But, he reminded me of when we had bird in the attic before, and well, the bird didn't make it and we had to live with the smell for weeks. Yuk. He told me this was our only chance if I did indeed think it was walking around on the vent. I did it. I opened it up and down came a little bird. It couldn't even fly yet, it was so little. My husband and I think it was nesting on the chimney and fell out, and fell down a hole in the roof (which is an absolutely different topic as to why there are holes in the roof....) and was caught. I proceeded to remove the bird to its natural elements...anywhere outside. And you know what? That dumb bird did want to leave me. I would set it on the ground and it would come right back to me. It just wanted to sit around on my hand. Here is the video of my kids trying to talk me into keeping it as a pet. Ha, right!

The Weeds Flowers My dear son is going through a very sweet stage. He loves me. I have to admit it is very flattering. It has been a long time since I've been given flowers so frequently. Yes, mostly they are little yellow weeds that he finds on the ground, but he has been known to climb into landscaping to retrieve some, well, that are not weeds. I have been trying to teach him the difference between flowers that are supposed to stay in the ground for "decoration" and we are making some progress. But, really, I love the weeds just as much. Here is a picture of my latest delivery.

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