Saturday, January 24, 2009

Find me if you can!

I've had a couple of people ask where I've disappeared to.

I've become very lazy concerning web time so FaceBook and Twitter have become my vehicles of communication of choice. Short little updates of where I am or what I'm doing is so much easier than forced posts on this blog.

So, if you want to find me FaceBook is the best place and you can find me here.

I also Twitter (which sends my updates to FaceBook) and you can follow me there if you prefer by clicking here.

Head over to FaceBook and be my friend!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A month, really?

I just can't believe it has been a month since I've posted. Really it has been a flurry of activity around the Happy Home I could sit here a write a list of all I've neglected to post about. You know, things like Happy Girl's 3rd grade musical with her duet, Happy Boy's loss of his two front teeth, the progress on our basement finish, and so on. However, 1)that would require my downloading of videos and/or pictures, and 2) trying to think back on details and frankly, people, that is just too much hassle.

So, moving along to some of my new favorite things which will be my Christmas list: Compassion t-shirts. LOVE THEM!

Here's the front and back of the Compassion Growth Tee

And here is the front and back of the Global Food Crisis Tee:

Pretty cool, huh? All the proceeds from the sales go to the fund for the particular cause and the tees are a walking advertisement for a great outreach ministry.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I know how to direct my prayers now.

Happy Girl informed me of this little nugget the other day. "When I get married I don't want a husband that snores or has a hairy back." Good to know.
I know now how to specifically pray for the man God will bring to her life.
Priorities, people.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Laughter is so fun.

Is there anything better than watching and listening to your kids own belly laughs?

I think not.

Want to know what was making them laugh?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The boys on a roll.

I know I just posted on Happy Boy but here I go again.

Today I purchased a mouth guard for him to use for football. He had one before but never used it because it made him gag. Apparently you can size those things, heh. Happy Husband knows I'm crazy and uneducated and it has become no big deal to teach me these things.

Anyhoo...we lost the first one (because it never was worn) and replaced it today. At home Happy Boy ripped it out of the package and popped it in his mouth then promptly gagged it out. I told him not to worry that Daddy could fix it for him to fit just right. And do you know what he told me? The boy cracks me up. He said, "Don't worry, Mom, just get me some Airhead candy and my head will explode at it'll fit!"

He knew he was being funny.

Here's the commercial if you're not familiar with it.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sign #677 that I'm getting old.

When I fold laundry I take a double take at the shirts to see if it is mine or my daughters.

Friday, August 29, 2008

That Happy Boy is bound to be an entrepreneur!

Happy Boy is constantly amusing me with his great business ideas. If ever there were a person desiring a get rich quick scheme, it's him. Instead of a lemonade stand, which is so yesterday, he decides to open a carnival. Complete with games tickets and redemption toy table.

He's mentioned his desire to open up a St@r W@rs museum using all of his action figures and toys and charge children to come and view it.

The Poop School, it will help mother's potty train their children. There will be several rooms with toilets, and he will sell food and drinks to mom's so kids will have to poop and pee and they can teach them there.

And, of course, Happy Boy's Fun Place. He plans to set up his room with all of his toys and charge kids to come in and play. I ask, "What's the charge?" "Maybe $5," he says, "Here's the fing (aka thing), they can come in, I'll let them play with what ever they want, as long as they want and they don't have to clean. Just like Chuck E. Cheese!" If I could, I would insert a sparkly gleam shinning off of his one front toof.

Happy Hubby took pity on the poor fool and decided to help him open up his own web store. Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you ST@R W@RS LAND! Ta da! If you are in need to shop for a St@r W@rs fan this is the place, and you'll be supporting a budding entrepreneur.

Before I leave I give you a couple of Happy Boy's quotable quotes:

"That stupid garlic!" Said while fixing his hair. I'm sure he meant cow lick.

"Shorts are dumb and stupid!" We don't use that "s" word in our house so you can most definitely see his disdain for shorts.

"Do you know what the best part of being a human is? You can scream as loud as you want inside of your head."

"I can see your brains." Yeah, it took several months to unravel this deep and highly disturbing insight. Happy Boy claimed to see everyone's brains and would continue to describe them in detail. He said they were blue and wiggly...which is so true. We finally found out he meant veins, the ones on peoples temples. Heh.

Have a great weekend!