Friday, August 29, 2008

That Happy Boy is bound to be an entrepreneur!

Happy Boy is constantly amusing me with his great business ideas. If ever there were a person desiring a get rich quick scheme, it's him. Instead of a lemonade stand, which is so yesterday, he decides to open a carnival. Complete with games tickets and redemption toy table.

He's mentioned his desire to open up a St@r W@rs museum using all of his action figures and toys and charge children to come and view it.

The Poop School, it will help mother's potty train their children. There will be several rooms with toilets, and he will sell food and drinks to mom's so kids will have to poop and pee and they can teach them there.

And, of course, Happy Boy's Fun Place. He plans to set up his room with all of his toys and charge kids to come in and play. I ask, "What's the charge?" "Maybe $5," he says, "Here's the fing (aka thing), they can come in, I'll let them play with what ever they want, as long as they want and they don't have to clean. Just like Chuck E. Cheese!" If I could, I would insert a sparkly gleam shinning off of his one front toof.

Happy Hubby took pity on the poor fool and decided to help him open up his own web store. Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you ST@R W@RS LAND! Ta da! If you are in need to shop for a St@r W@rs fan this is the place, and you'll be supporting a budding entrepreneur.

Before I leave I give you a couple of Happy Boy's quotable quotes:

"That stupid garlic!" Said while fixing his hair. I'm sure he meant cow lick.

"Shorts are dumb and stupid!" We don't use that "s" word in our house so you can most definitely see his disdain for shorts.

"Do you know what the best part of being a human is? You can scream as loud as you want inside of your head."

"I can see your brains." Yeah, it took several months to unravel this deep and highly disturbing insight. Happy Boy claimed to see everyone's brains and would continue to describe them in detail. He said they were blue and wiggly...which is so true. We finally found out he meant veins, the ones on peoples temples. Heh.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I just don't get it. Edition #421

Mice and rats made lovable by authors and illustrators.

Why? There is absolutely nothing adorable or becoming of any rodent. Yet Desperaux, Ratatouille, Angelina Ballerina, Basil the Mouse Detective, Cinderella's friends, Mickey for cryin' out loud! That's just scrapin' the surface, people. Egh. Nothing cute about rodents. NOTHING!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ben, this one's for you!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

So, my dad's birthday was yesterday. I would have posted then but we spent the day together at Worlds of Fun and I didn't have the "umph" to post last night. Yeah, I guess if I were a good daughter I could have written the post on Friday and published it yesterday but that would have called for the anticipation and preparation on my behalf and it just wasn't gonna happen, folks.

He's sixty! 6. 0. Aren't you happy I threw that out there, Dad?!!! heh. He's a very young sixty I must add. On his blog this past month he posted on how wonderful my mom is so I figured it was only fair to post on mine how wonderful he is and his birthday seemed the perfect time.

I'm a pretty lucky girl and I always thank God for allowing me to have the parents that I do. They're pretty incredible. My dad is the one who taught me that I can trust in God no matter what. After all, when all the other missionaries in El Salvador where returning to America due to the civil war my dad stayed put. That's not just words, people. He taught me to trust God through his actions and his own trust displayed.

He also taught me to appreciate music. All music. I grew up listening to the great classics like Mozart and Tchaikovsky, to musicals, to pop, you name it.

He taught me to love travel and appreciate other cultures. He taught me to see past peoples' skin and to look at their heart.

He allowed me to be myself. He never tried to change me or mold me into something that I wasn't. He always encouraged me to be me (crazy as I am).

All that is just a glimpse at what he means to me. But he's so much more. He is very respected in the Missions world. His extensive commitment to global missions is highly respected the world over. Because of his willingness to be used of God he has impacted lives of countless people. And it blows my mind that I can call him dad. I'm a blessed gal.

One last thing that he's taught love and enjoy life. And the most recent example he set for me was yesterday as we celebrated his 60th birthday at Worlds of Fun. The man rode a ride called the Rip Cord. Check him out here and here. You can read my dad's recap of the day here. Ya gotta love life and savor every bit of it you can.

See, I told you he was an amazing guy!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I love that Happy Girl!

I've had a headache since yesterday morning and it just won't go away. I've tried everything. Just a few minutes ago I was walking past Happy Girl and complained how I couldn't get this darn headache to go away. Do you know what she asked me? She said, "Have you prayed and asked God to take it away?"

Once again, I'm humbled and blown away.

That sweet precious child just prayed over me asking God to take my headache away. Could I ask for anything more? I don't think so. I just don't think so.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Boy goes off to Kindergarten. *sigh*

I started the day with Happy Boy telling me he just wanted to be dropped off at the front of the school and he would walk in on his own. I told him that was great and he could do that another day but I really wanted to go in and get a couple of pictures of his first day in elementary. With a rolling of his eyes he conceded.

This was his choice of clothing for his first-day: Black spider/skeleton tee, black "skater boy" jeans, skull with flames belt, and cowboy boots. Quite the ensemble I tell you.
But really, could I deny him his choice - look at that face?!!

At least he was excited about first-day pictures. Here's one with his cool new "teenager" backback:

I love this picture of Happy Boy with his daddy walking up to the school. It makes me smile.
And here he is below writing in his journal in class about what he saw on the way to school that morning. *sigh*
I truly expected the DRS to kick in the minute I stepped out of his kindergarten classroom. Oddly, it didn't. I'm a crier, people...I've yet to shed a tear so I'm very bothered that it hasn't hit me. Maybe because it just feels like he's off to a play date, maybe it'll take a couple of weeks of everyday at school for it to hit me, who knows. I am a bit melancholy however.

****Updated: When I picked him up from school I gave him a huge hug and a kiss on the head and that boy wiped it! He wiped my kiss and whined, "Mom, I'm not a little kid anymore, you know!" That kicked the DRS into motion.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where has time flown off to?

First day of 3rd grade for Happy Girl! I just can't believe it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And we're back...

My sweet hubby planned a surprise end-of-the-summer get away to Great Wolf Lodge. We left on Monday and stayed the night and returned back today. It was such a blast! If you live in KC and are looking for a fun quick get away it was perfect. We were able to access the water park at noon on Monday and spent several hours there. After all of the water fun we headed to the rooms to get cleaned up and grab some dinner. After dinner we spent a little too much time in the land of MagiQuest. But we were able to get such great exercise that we didn't mind it. We finished off the night with ice cream and you can see happy faces of happy kiddos here.

Today we headed out for breakfast and returned back to MagiQuest to battle the dragon...both kids were able to defeat the dragon. It was no easy feat but it made for some very satisfied kiddos. Then we headed off to swim some more. It was a perfect little escape for our family.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Our Basement Project

Our latest home project is to attempt to finish the basement. So far we've framed the wall that will separate the storage area from the finished area. My stud of a husband is doing all of this work himself. I have to admit...seeing him do this work is such a turn on. (sorry, Mom...I went there!)



There's my hunk of a stud hubby!

This coming weekend we plan to sheet rock the frame!

Nightmares and Bad Dreams

Happy Boy has a standard prayer every night. It breaks my heart that he HAS to pray this every night.

Dear God, help me not have any nightmares or bad dreams. Or nightmares and bad dreams mixed up together. Help me have only good dreams but not good dreams mixed up with bad dreams, all mixed in together. Let me have good dreams and happy dreams.

If I could find a way to record his prayer I would. But I'm afraid if he knew I was recording it that it wouldn't be said the same way. What is cute is that he slurs most of the words and repeats many words and various times in various ways. As sad as it is it is cute too. Sweet thing.