Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here an allergy, there an allergy, everywhere an allergy!

I've had fall allergies ever since we moved to the US. Not fun. Normally I have to take an allergy pill with decongestant along with a nasal spray. This year I've had to up the ante with an antihistamine nasal spray. That's two nasal sprays people. T.W.O. It's like sniffing chlorine nightly into each nostril. I'm going to grow old and either never show my age or I'll be the old lady with gnarly nose hairs that nobody wants to talk to for fear of staring uncontrollably at the horror of her said nose.

I'm not greedy and have passed these great genes on to my kids.

Happy Girl started in on the fun when she turned 5 by needing an allergy pill nightly. At six she uped her game and chased her pill with a couple of shots of nasal spray.

And yesterday Happy Boy went to the doc and got his first prescription. He's raised us one by getting allergy eye drops along with his allergy medicine.

We're a hackin' home of fun here, folks.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I've got to brag.

Happy Girl came home last week with a form about an audition at the local high school. The local high school is putting on a musical production and is in need of a cast of younger children to help in a few scenes. So this past week she has been preparing a vocal piece and gearing up for an audition. Yesterday after school she auditioned along with 100 other kids. She was one of 30 to be cast!


I am so excited for her. I think this is going to be an exciting and memorable experience for her.

Today at school they announced her being cast during the school announcements...she was so excited. Then tonight she went to be fitted for costumes and met her "stage family" and given her stage name. Too too fun!

I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this experience....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Longest Post E.V.E.R!!!

I feel like I need to be on one of those "Where Are They Now" shows. It has been a while since I posted....lots to update on.

First....I disappeared for a few weeks because I was painting my living room and dining room/office. Now, when I say paint I mean peel icky wall paper, wash walls from sticky paper residue, sand all crown moulding, chair rails, baseboards, window frames and doorways, wash walls and trim from sanding residue, prime all crown moulding, chair rails, baseboards, window frames and doorways, paint all crown moulding, chair rails, baseboards, window frames and doorways, and wall that was previously wall papered. Then paint walls. Oh, wait, I forgot about the patching holes in the walls, that was in there too. Oh, and washing the brick fireplace top to bottom. *breath*

So, you took some time and a lot of work. I'm sure I left something off.

Here are before and afters:
The dining room/office before. Notice the yicky wall paper?

Now the after!

The Living Room before:

And after:

Now, I have to share this about the living room. Happy Husband and I have a lot of treasured items that are just plain odd and have never been able to find a way to incorporate them into our decor. During our decorating stage he came up with a GENIUS idea...let's go for the eclectic look! I call it the Wacky-Old-Lady-With-A-Million-Cats eclectic look. Every item in our living room holds a cherished memory and a special story.

The fireplace holds the two dog paintings I made for Happy Boy's nursery when he was born. It also has a plant that was given to my by my mother-in-law when Happy Girl was born. It has the zebra that Happy Hubby and I got in Cancun on a great anniversary get away. Love it!

Now, the green bookshelf in the corner was made by either my great-granfather or great-great grandfather, I can't remember. I do know it was made for my grandmother when she was young. It is very special. On it (top to bottom) is a collection of Hubby's antique marbles in a fish bowl, a cat butt book end Hubby made when he was in school, some La Palma boxes from El Salvador (the country where I grew up as a missionary kid), some time from my Hubby's antique tin collection, and in the bottom basket is a green glass thing-y from my Hubby's antique collection that I have no clue what it is. To the left of the bookshelf we have a special tribute painting that hasn't been hung on the wall yet. It was painted by a student artist at the Kansas City Art Institute as a tribute to the Twin Towers that fell on 9/11. It means a lot because we were on a trip to NYC when we found out we were pregnant with our first child. The towers fell only a couple of years after our visit. The picture is small but it is an apple with a cut out of the twin towers in a pile of ash at the bottom.

Next is our piano top. It has an assortement of the Happy Kiddos' art work. It also has some pottery that I made when I was younger, a tea pot cow with a duck on it's back, a large jug, a lidded jar, and a pedestal bowl. They bring back great memories from when I made them.

All in all we love our new rooms. It was a TON of work but we're very happy.

Next topic: Dog is doing good. He's doubled in size and very healthy. Had his first grooming too.

Next Topic: Happy Boy celebrated a birthday Star Wars style. We had great fun.

This is my favorite pic of the party...Hubby getting attacked by Jedi.

Next topic: Tossed in the mix of fun was a Labor Day party to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. You heard right. Sixty wonderful years of wedded bliss! Here's the happy couple.

I'm tired of loading pictures and typing. I'm ending my update now....heh.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Look what I got!

I love me some ebay action.

My latest purchase: Anontio Melani pants for $40!!!!

And that includes shipping my friends.

I am a happy woman! HAPPY, HAPPY.