Saturday, July 28, 2007

I love me some giveaways!

I'm crossing my fingers for this one!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Win-Win negotiations for your kids

I've been working a transaction for a buyer client in my real estate business. The listing agent has been such a pleasure to work with because she subscribes to the same philosophy as I: "Let's make this a Win-Win for everyone." I have enjoyed working with her because she hasn't given up and walked away, instead we have tried being creative and are working through the negotiation together.

So, what does that have to do with being a Happy Mom?

I've been trying to teach this strategy to my Happy Kids so they can learn to work together. See, Happy Girl does not like confrontation. She'll let people walk all over her and compromise her own needs just to avoid a fight. Happy Boy on the other hand will pummel anything getting in his way. So, you see...most situations that they try and work through end up with a Lose-Win outcome. Usually with Happy Girl "losing" by giving up and Happy Boy "winning" by fighting aggressively.

So, having worked with this agent these past couple of weeks has inspired me to adopt this strategy not just with my work but with my family as well. It has been fun. When they have gotten into an argument this past week or so I encourage them to work it out together. When they are done discussing I ask them, "Is this a Win-Win for both of you?" And if it isn't I try and prod them in the right direction so they can resolve the issue in a Win-Win for both. It has been great!

That is my Happy Mom tip of the day! Win-Wins are good for everyone!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I SOOOO need this...

After countless times of being locked out of my home...why have I not purchased this yet? Today was the latest in my locked-out-of-the-house episodes. I had stepped out at 7:30 am to let the puppy out (which BTW is doing really good right now!) and as hubby was pulling out of the drive to head to work I happily waved good bye.

A few minutes later when I went to enter the house...I couldn't. This kiddos had gone to grandma's for the night so they weren't in the home to let me in. I walked to the back yard, dog in arm, to see if the back door would by chance be unlocked - no luck. I had no cell, it was early in the morning and I would have walked to Ad's house but I was expecting the cable guy to come between 8 and noon and I just knew that by the time I got to her house and back it would be my luck that he'd come and gone while I was gone. So, reluctantly I walked to my neighbors house across the street. It was just so early that I didn't want to bother them but I didn't know what else to do. I knocked on the door - no answer. So, I saw my neighbor that lives two doors up had their garage door open and I thought...well, what have I got to lose. I don't really know them as well but I figured it was my only shot.

Thank goodness she was dressed and up and around and she was so sweet to let me use her phone. I tried to call my hubby but he didn't answer. ARGH! I tried dialing again, still no answer. Then I was going to call Addie who has a spare key (because, like I said, this isn't a new experience) but I couldn't remember her home phone because I have it on auto dial and never have had to memorize it...but I do know her cell and I called it and she didn't answer. So, I tried hubby again and this time he answered it. I think he was avoiding the unknown number before. But after the 3rd time ringing from the same number I guess he figured he better answer. By this time he was about 10-15 minutes out so it was going to be that long before he got home. So, I sat and chatted with my neighbor and got to know her and her daughter and it ended up being quite pleasant.

It really wasn't all that bad, until I realized that had it been any other day and I wasn't waiting for the cable guy I would have NOT be dressed and would have been locked outside with just my jammies on (no bra) and no hair brushed. THANK GOD the cable guy had been schedule to come...or else I would have spent the entire day in my jammies in the back yard!

Sidenote: I am so sorry about how sloppy this post is written...I tired and don't have the brain power to try and clean it up.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Out with the old, in with the new!

One thing I failed to mention in my previous post regarding my never ending week: my coffee maker bit the dust a few days prior. My kids were a little frightened the day it happened to see mom stroking the exhausted coffee maker, hugging it and kissing it in hopes to resuscitate it. No amount of TLC, CPR, or SOSing was bringing that little ray of sunshine back.

While I was lamenting the loss to my best friend she reminded me of a two-cup coffee maker I had let her borrow when her coffee maker died. So, she gave it back and from this day forward it will hence be named: The Understudy. The Understudy stepped in beautifully and did a marvelous job of filling in until a replacement was found.

While my sweet mom visited with us (AKA came to help nurse my dying puppy) we new a little 2-cupper wasn't going to cut it for us with the late nights that were occurring. So, she offered to go splits with me on a new coffee maker. Isn't she great!

When we got to Wal-Mart and spotted this little beauty (which a good friend of mine happens to own and love) and I new it was love at first sight!

Here is my newest addition to my kitchen: Hamilton Beach BrewStation Coffeemaker

Now, mine doesn't have the clock or fancy timer...but that it okay, I don't like those anyway and never use them.

When we got to the check out my mom took it and bought it for splitting! She's great, I'm telling ya! (But more on that later...)

So, how do I like it? I LOVE it! I'm a sipper and while I like a couple of cups of coffee in the morning it can take a while to sip through them. This little coffee maker is perfect. It keeps the coffee HOT and doesn't scorch it. It is great!

Monday, July 23, 2007

It just won't end people!

The pup is still sick. I've been giving him the medicine for the parasites and it has caused him to lose his appetite and then he spent all night last night throwing up. Seeing that he hadn't eaten anything all day it is obviously a bad sign...again.
So, I'm going to take him back into the vet today. Poor pup just can't get ahead. Pray for my sanity (and my hubby's!) and that the puppy will get healthy. This is just pitiful!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Will this week ever end????

Wow! This week is one for the record! Let me recap.

Last Friday: Purchased new puppy.

Saturday: Planned to play and get to know new puppy. Instead, watched puppy sleep all day and tried to get him to eat...he never did eat.

Sunday: I fell down the deck stairs while trying to get the puppy to the yard in time to relieve himself. I've told friends that I would give my left arm for a video tape of the fall, it would've been quite amusing to watch. If I did have the video I would dissect the fall to be able to figure out how I managed to bruise the back of my right leg, the inside of my left leg, the front of my left leg and the top of my left foot, oh, and also scrape the underside of my right arm. Crazy.
We also spent the day realizing there had to be something severely wrong with our puppy who wouldn't eat and only slept all the time.

Monday: This day was the first day of our Summer Break Out (VBS) and I was one of the second grade teachers. Spent the morning there. Then that afternoon took the pup to the vet and found out it had Parvo. Hubby found a treatment online that we began Monday night at 9 p.m. and administered to the pup each hour on the hour until Wednesday morning. I also continued with SBO.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: SBO in the morning. Treating the pup in the evening. My mom was kind enough to come on Tuesday night to help us out through Wednesday. Also, sprinkled about in the chaos were several work related situations.

Friday: SBO in morning, great week but happy it is over. Pup's stool sample to vet...he now is being treated for worms and some other type of parasite. Again, another set of treatment, luckily it is not as involved or intense...just one dose a day. Hubby left for weekend retreat tonight but he'll be back tomorrow night.

Saturday: Work in the morning. Clean my house that has been trashed from this crazy week.

Sunday: I'm praying this day will bring much needed rest. I'm also praying this day will bring solid confidence in the state of my pup's health. I do think he's past the worst but I want a clean bill of health from the vet before I get too confident.

So, with that...a week in the life of Happy Family.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Poor Pup

Well, it seems that we got a sick puppy. He hasn't eaten anything since we got him on Friday and he is sleeping all of the time and doesn't have the usually puppy energy. I took it to the vet today and the prognosis seemed pretty grim. We think Ollie has parvo which is a pretty agressive dog virus. We're trying really hard to nurse this puppy back to good health. We're giving it a treatment that requires the pup to get meds once an hour for a 36 hour period. Notice it is after 4 a.m. in the morning - I obviously have the mid-night shift. Hubby stayed up until 1 a.m., I'll go until 5 a.m. and then rest for a couple of hours while Hubby takes over again.

We've told the kiddos that the puppy is really sick and we're trying to help it get better. My daughter is old enough to understand but my son doesn't totally get it. Pray for this poor puppy as we try and help him get better.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Meet Oliver!

Is he not the cutest, sweetest little thing EVER! My kids are just so thrilled with their new little puppy. We recently watched Charlotte's Web which has inspired my daughter to want to nurture the pup much like Wilbur was in the movie. She's having a great time with this little one.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My experiment in sibling fight reduction.

Disclaimer: I have no degree in creative child discipline and in no way recommend you try this at home on your own children. Should you be reckless enough to attempt this in your own home with your own children Happy Mom will in no way be held liable for any long term damage caused and/or mental medical attention needed.

We're mostly through the summer which means we're in prime I'm-tired-of-you-and-everything-you-do-annoys-me-to-my-very-core mode. To say I'm exhausted from fight mediation would be an understatement.

This morning I hit my mark. As I was drying my hair the kids came running in with yet another issue needing to be arbitrated (for like the twelve gazillionth time that morning). I calmly set the hair dryer down. Asked them to follow me to my bedroom. They each sat at the end of the bed trunk and I sat in my rocker.

Happy Girl, today you will be the only child. You will not talk to Happy Boy, you will not look at Happy Boy, and you will ignore any movement or sound coming from Happy Boy.

Happy Boy, today you will be the only child. You will not talk to Happy Girl, you will not look at Happy Girl, and you will ignore any movement or sound coming from Happy Girl.

Here are the rules. 1. If one of you are in a room then the other will find a different room to occupy. 2. This will continue until bed time tonight.

I guess in my enlightened creative moment my thought was to show them what a day without a sibling would be. What I didn't realize was what a blissfully, fight-free day I would have. *sigh*

Really, it's been amazing. The only "downside" (and believe me, it is one I can most definitely live with) would be the 7-year-old's yuk-yuk funny comments like, "Mom, quit talking to yourself" and "Mom, what's that sound. It's like there is a voice of a little boy in the room." Really, a totally livable downside.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You've got to be kidding me!

Really? Is this a need for people? A pet highchair?

Lucky Baby!

One of my good friends just became an aunt. She sent me this link which I just thought was a hoot! This is my friend's younger sister who just had a baby, a lucky baby!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mad Church Disease

I caught wind of this as Robin's blog and I'm so happy I did!

Anne Jackson is collecting research surveys for a book title Mad Church Disease. I could write all about it here but why don't you just head over to her site and get the low down. And while you're there fill out a survey if any of them apply.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Blowing smoke out my eyes

Bear with me, folks, this story is good but I've got to lay the background.

Tonight my family was hanging out having a friendly Rubik's Twist Puzzle competition. We were competing for the fastest time to turn it into a ball. We got this toy for Happy Boy while on vacation last week and he is lightin' fast. His best time to date is 26 seconds. For the record Happy Mom's time is 19 sec!

So, tonight after he hit his all-time best he was doing a happy dance and then hollered out, "Wanna see me blow smoke out of my eyes?"

Kids always say weird stuff, at least mine do, and you just kind of shake your head and smile. That is until you realize what they really mean.

He was literally blowing air out of his eye balls, people!!!

I couldn't tell you the amount of emotions rolling around in my poor little self. I felt confused, horrified, disgusted, amused, and shocked, just to name a few.

We did get it on video - because what good parent wouldn't permanently capture such a pride-filled moment? Of course, I didn't video it or ask him to display this unique talent on video until after I had researched it online first. Apparently, this is a physical anomaly.

Happy Girl has been itching to send in a video to America's Funniest Home Video's, she claims this could be just the one. I have to admit that I agree.

I'm going to be honing my Momager skills because I just know Hollywood will be calling soon, at least Dave Letterman.

Without further ado:

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Good Gravy! What's up with that?

1. Good Gravy! My husband claims that I've said this often lately.

What's up with that?

2. Bread Crumbs. Why in the name of Sam Hill would bread crumbs not be found in the bread aisle? Obviously it makes more sense to place them with the baking goods on aisle 8.

What's up with that?

3. Poop Latin. My son has created his own version of Pig Latin known as Poop Latin. Apparently any word combined with a variation of poo/pee/poop or any other bodily extraction tagged at the beginning or end of the word is hilarious.

What's up with that?

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