Monday, July 02, 2007

Blowing smoke out my eyes

Bear with me, folks, this story is good but I've got to lay the background.

Tonight my family was hanging out having a friendly Rubik's Twist Puzzle competition. We were competing for the fastest time to turn it into a ball. We got this toy for Happy Boy while on vacation last week and he is lightin' fast. His best time to date is 26 seconds. For the record Happy Mom's time is 19 sec!

So, tonight after he hit his all-time best he was doing a happy dance and then hollered out, "Wanna see me blow smoke out of my eyes?"

Kids always say weird stuff, at least mine do, and you just kind of shake your head and smile. That is until you realize what they really mean.

He was literally blowing air out of his eye balls, people!!!

I couldn't tell you the amount of emotions rolling around in my poor little self. I felt confused, horrified, disgusted, amused, and shocked, just to name a few.

We did get it on video - because what good parent wouldn't permanently capture such a pride-filled moment? Of course, I didn't video it or ask him to display this unique talent on video until after I had researched it online first. Apparently, this is a physical anomaly.

Happy Girl has been itching to send in a video to America's Funniest Home Video's, she claims this could be just the one. I have to admit that I agree.

I'm going to be honing my Momager skills because I just know Hollywood will be calling soon, at least Dave Letterman.

Without further ado:

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