Monday, June 25, 2007

30 is NOT my number! (But 100 is!)

Ever since Select Comfort came out with the Sleep Number Bed I thought...too cool!

But really, the only way you can "test" it out is to purchase it and if you don't like it you can return it after 30 days (but you have to pay for the return shipping yourself). Not a great deal really. I have no clue how much shipping is but it has to be well over $150.

S0, when we checked into the Radisson yesterday (we're on why am I writing this?!) and I saw a promotional stand asking "What's your number?" Apparently this Radisson hotel has sleep number beds in all there rooms. I thought, "No way! I can really test this thing out!"

So, I snuggled into bed and set the number at a cozy 3o. The numbers go up to 100, I figured I'm mama bear and softer would be just right for me.


Apparently, this sleep number bed is just a fancy air mattress. The higher the number the more air and the harder the mattress. Less air, softer.

Let me tell ya, I had flash backs to my first years of marriage when we had a water bed. Anytime my hubby would flip over I'd flip in the air like a pancake! And same with him when I'd flip.

I slept like crap.

When I woke up this morning I thought - this sleep number thing is awful! But then I, being the savvy quick thinker that I am, realized I have another night here and I should try a different number. Yea, friends, I'm quick like a bullet.

So, 30 is not my number...maybe tonight I'll try 45.

But wait! I know a number that definitely suits me....100!

I'll tell you why - I've been working on starting up a real estate blog focused on Johnson County, KS - this where I do the bulk of my work. I wasn't going to announce it here yet but really I was just highlighted on another real estate blog so I wanted to share. Lani from Realtor Wives placed me in her bloglines and mentioned me on her site as the 100th feed added to her feed reader. She's been so supportive of me with the start up of my work blog I just had to share with you how awesome she is. So - all ya two readers...head over and say hello to her for me!

Here's my young real estate blog: Check it out and tell me what you think. I know most of my blogging friends really will not be interested in this site - it is going to have posts mainly focused on my city and county but you can get a taste of my workin' girl side.

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