Friday, June 08, 2007

I would post more often...IF I WASN'T THE EQUIVALENT OF MYSTERY MEAT!!!

I'm not sure why Blogger is still not letting me post - I'm really starting to take this very personally. But being the persistent little gal I am I've figured out that I can email post to my blog.
HA! Take that, Blogger!
And to my two biggest "supporters" Dad and Addie (I'd link but, ya know, I can't access the edit post mode and all) in response to your comments on my previous post:
Ad- "While she is a little weird and some might consider her to be an acquired taste"
Dad - "Maybe if you tried posting more often it wouldn't forget who you are."
All I have to say is: THAT IS SOOOOO A SMACKLIMENT!  Smackliment defined here:
Next time I visit my therapist you both are so goin' on the speaker phone!

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