Monday, May 07, 2007

Creative Discipline Gone Wrong. Very Wrong.

So, the Happy Home has a few issues. One being...boogers wiped on the walls.

Yes, eeeew.

Honestly, I can't really pin it onto one child - as I haven't witnessed said wiping on the walls. But I find plenty of evidence. It is GROSS.

The line was crossed today when I found a nasty big-one dried on the front of my pretty stainless steel fridge.

So, in a fit of grossed-out-nauseous-rage I tried to get a bit too creative with said boogie disciplinary action. As I wiped the dried chunk with a rag and looked at it in disgust (during my tirade. I blurted out, “This is disgusting. Boogers are nasty. If I ever find another booger on any surface of this house I will make you eat it!”

Happy Boy smiled his ornery smile and calmly said, “Okay.”

Happy Girl looked at him in shock. Then snapped back with, “Go ahead, eat it then!”

And, my friends, the boy licked the booger.

Yes he did.

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