Thursday, May 03, 2007

Leaps in Life

WOW! These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind! To try and recap it all would just be impossible. So, with the help of my hubby and dad I'll get a couple of big stories out of the way.

Last week my dad visited Happy Girl's class to talk about book writing. He's written several books and he recapped the entire visit beautifully in his blog! Check out his post here.

Hubby shares about her audition for the school talent show. Read about the experience on my hubby's blog here. Go on....then come back here to finish up the rest of this post.

So, she rocked the house at the audition! She rehearsed with sound and moves reminiscent of Hannah Montana, but just before hitting the stage asked me if it would be okay if she didn't use any "moves". The nerves were kicking in for her but she didn't hold back. She was amazing! During the middle of the song she began to get comfortable, tried to get cute by crossing a few steps to stage right causing her to fumble on the lyrics. Nothing big, but for a first time performer something like that could be devastating...not for my little diva. She recovered and finished strong. I could not have been prouder!

Today she hopped in the car and screamed, well, squealed at the top of her lungs then proceeded to tell me she made the cut and is in the talent show. Then I proceeded to squeal. And in complete brotherly love and support, Happy Boy began to squeal. It was such a fun memory. I am a proud mama.

Then tonight was the First Grade Musical at school. Only one kid had a vocal solo and she and a friend had a duet. They were the only ones in the entire first grade who had solo/duets. I'm beaming! She, again, did a fantastic job. She sang right into the mic like an old pro. And she was just so pretty and gleaming on stage it was fun to watch her.


My kids are growing up.

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