Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Branson - that's where we're at!

This the day we headed out for Branson.

In this pic we're getting ready to head out. Nothing says road trip like wacky teefers.

Aren't these the ugliest trees ever? We started to see them as we neared Branson, they just look so pitiful and beat up.

We surprised our kiddos by meeting up with my brother-in-law's family. They just happened to be vacationing in Branson with his wife's family and they stayed an extra day in order to meet up with us. Aren't they the coolest??? This pic is of our four kiddos all together. The red head in the back is Happy Girl with her Happy Cousin next to her. In the front is Happy Boy on the right with his Happy Cousin on the left.

This is Happy Boy in a go-kart that is just his size.

Happy Girl is growing up way to quickly...this is but a brief glimpse of what will be happening in the not to far future.

Here is the Happy Gang. The first four on the left are my Happy in-laws. The four on the right are the Happy family.

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