Friday, July 27, 2007

Win-Win negotiations for your kids

I've been working a transaction for a buyer client in my real estate business. The listing agent has been such a pleasure to work with because she subscribes to the same philosophy as I: "Let's make this a Win-Win for everyone." I have enjoyed working with her because she hasn't given up and walked away, instead we have tried being creative and are working through the negotiation together.

So, what does that have to do with being a Happy Mom?

I've been trying to teach this strategy to my Happy Kids so they can learn to work together. See, Happy Girl does not like confrontation. She'll let people walk all over her and compromise her own needs just to avoid a fight. Happy Boy on the other hand will pummel anything getting in his way. So, you see...most situations that they try and work through end up with a Lose-Win outcome. Usually with Happy Girl "losing" by giving up and Happy Boy "winning" by fighting aggressively.

So, having worked with this agent these past couple of weeks has inspired me to adopt this strategy not just with my work but with my family as well. It has been fun. When they have gotten into an argument this past week or so I encourage them to work it out together. When they are done discussing I ask them, "Is this a Win-Win for both of you?" And if it isn't I try and prod them in the right direction so they can resolve the issue in a Win-Win for both. It has been great!

That is my Happy Mom tip of the day! Win-Wins are good for everyone!

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