Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I SOOOO need this...

After countless times of being locked out of my home...why have I not purchased this yet? Today was the latest in my locked-out-of-the-house episodes. I had stepped out at 7:30 am to let the puppy out (which BTW is doing really good right now!) and as hubby was pulling out of the drive to head to work I happily waved good bye.

A few minutes later when I went to enter the house...I couldn't. This kiddos had gone to grandma's for the night so they weren't in the home to let me in. I walked to the back yard, dog in arm, to see if the back door would by chance be unlocked - no luck. I had no cell, it was early in the morning and I would have walked to Ad's house but I was expecting the cable guy to come between 8 and noon and I just knew that by the time I got to her house and back it would be my luck that he'd come and gone while I was gone. So, reluctantly I walked to my neighbors house across the street. It was just so early that I didn't want to bother them but I didn't know what else to do. I knocked on the door - no answer. So, I saw my neighbor that lives two doors up had their garage door open and I thought...well, what have I got to lose. I don't really know them as well but I figured it was my only shot.

Thank goodness she was dressed and up and around and she was so sweet to let me use her phone. I tried to call my hubby but he didn't answer. ARGH! I tried dialing again, still no answer. Then I was going to call Addie who has a spare key (because, like I said, this isn't a new experience) but I couldn't remember her home phone because I have it on auto dial and never have had to memorize it...but I do know her cell and I called it and she didn't answer. So, I tried hubby again and this time he answered it. I think he was avoiding the unknown number before. But after the 3rd time ringing from the same number I guess he figured he better answer. By this time he was about 10-15 minutes out so it was going to be that long before he got home. So, I sat and chatted with my neighbor and got to know her and her daughter and it ended up being quite pleasant.

It really wasn't all that bad, until I realized that had it been any other day and I wasn't waiting for the cable guy I would have NOT be dressed and would have been locked outside with just my jammies on (no bra) and no hair brushed. THANK GOD the cable guy had been schedule to come...or else I would have spent the entire day in my jammies in the back yard!

Sidenote: I am so sorry about how sloppy this post is written...I tired and don't have the brain power to try and clean it up.

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