Friday, July 20, 2007

Will this week ever end????

Wow! This week is one for the record! Let me recap.

Last Friday: Purchased new puppy.

Saturday: Planned to play and get to know new puppy. Instead, watched puppy sleep all day and tried to get him to eat...he never did eat.

Sunday: I fell down the deck stairs while trying to get the puppy to the yard in time to relieve himself. I've told friends that I would give my left arm for a video tape of the fall, it would've been quite amusing to watch. If I did have the video I would dissect the fall to be able to figure out how I managed to bruise the back of my right leg, the inside of my left leg, the front of my left leg and the top of my left foot, oh, and also scrape the underside of my right arm. Crazy.
We also spent the day realizing there had to be something severely wrong with our puppy who wouldn't eat and only slept all the time.

Monday: This day was the first day of our Summer Break Out (VBS) and I was one of the second grade teachers. Spent the morning there. Then that afternoon took the pup to the vet and found out it had Parvo. Hubby found a treatment online that we began Monday night at 9 p.m. and administered to the pup each hour on the hour until Wednesday morning. I also continued with SBO.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: SBO in the morning. Treating the pup in the evening. My mom was kind enough to come on Tuesday night to help us out through Wednesday. Also, sprinkled about in the chaos were several work related situations.

Friday: SBO in morning, great week but happy it is over. Pup's stool sample to vet...he now is being treated for worms and some other type of parasite. Again, another set of treatment, luckily it is not as involved or intense...just one dose a day. Hubby left for weekend retreat tonight but he'll be back tomorrow night.

Saturday: Work in the morning. Clean my house that has been trashed from this crazy week.

Sunday: I'm praying this day will bring much needed rest. I'm also praying this day will bring solid confidence in the state of my pup's health. I do think he's past the worst but I want a clean bill of health from the vet before I get too confident.

So, with that...a week in the life of Happy Family.

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