Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The proof is in the puddin', Friends!

All my life my friends have dubbed me the "weird" one, sometimes even the wacky one. Well check this out my friends!

You Are 20% Weird

Not enough to scare other people...

But sometimes you scare yourself.

How Weird Are You?
See - I'm NOT weird!
ht: Thanks Heather for helping me find a way to prove everyone wrong!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I've got the stomach virus blues.

Well, you'd think I've been busy with the holidays and therefore not able to post. You'd be only half right.

Last Saturday (11-17) was Happy Girl's final show of the production that she was in (read about it here and here) and exactly 3.5 hours post production the dreaded stomach virus set in. Yuck. It has been years since I saw Happy Girl this sick. It was baaaaaad. Sad thing is her birthday was Wednesday and she still wasn't feeling all that great. Better - but not good enough for birthday dinner, movie or cake.

Good thing is that we were able to head off to grandma's house for Thanksgiving because she was feeling back to her silly self on Thursday. Thanksgiving went great and we had a good time.

And wouldn't you know. Exactly 3.5 hours post Thanksgiving Happy Boy got the dreaded stomach virus. Yeah.

I had one day of healthy Happy Kiddos.

So, here I sit on Sunday morning (second Sunday that I've missed church due to this yucky stuff) with a not-so-Happy Boy. Day three of this junk. And you know what Happy Boy just said?

"I like being sick. Being sick is fun!"
I asked what it was that he liked about it. And you know what that crazy boy said?

"I like being sick because you like don't have to go to the store with your mom.
And if you want to eat or drink your mom or dad get it for you, I don't have to
go get it at all. And I can watch T.V. all day."

There you have it folks, I'm raising a lazy narcissist. Great.

I'm praying that hubby and I don't get it - this stuff is nasty - that is if you're not a lazy narcissist.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

O Bekah, O Bekah, wherefore art thou Bekah?

This is where I've been these past couple of weeks.

And if not doing that...I've been attacking these in my home!

A few pics of both activities:

Note: this are IN the house door...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm living a life of replays. I'm living a life of replays.

My sons at that age where he wants to make sure I don't miss a thing he does. AHHHAHAHA!! Did you just read what I wrote??? I said, "My sons at that age where he wants to make sure I don't miss a thing he does!" Yeah. Falls and farts are repeated at least 2 or 3 times. Burps at least 5 times. But most other things are usually once or twice. Welcome to my life. Welcome to my life.

Am I the only one bothered by this?

There is just something fundamentally wrong about this.

Box Tops...let's stick to the kitchen items, shall we?

So, I've been reading this book that my dad's doctor wrote called The Forever Young Diet & Lifestyle. I've read my fair share of health and fitness books so I'm well aware of the "changes" our bodies go through as we reach the 40s. We call it the time our bodies "slow down", "change", or whatever. This couple describes that time a bit more harshly, they don't play around, Friends. They say this transition is when your body begins to 'default to decay' mode. Ouch! They go on to use terms for our aging bodies like 'autodestruct' and 'decay' and I may have even read 'decompose'. Talk about shocking you to healthy living! Sheesh.

Happy Girl's been rehearsing away for the Fiddler on the Roof production next week. We're all getting pretty excited.

You can tell when I haven't posted in a while...I'm pretty random, huh?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

You know you're the parent of a boy when...

he brings home his Thanksgiving thankfulness craft

and you assume he meant this (poop):

when he actually meant this (dog):