Sunday, November 25, 2007

I've got the stomach virus blues.

Well, you'd think I've been busy with the holidays and therefore not able to post. You'd be only half right.

Last Saturday (11-17) was Happy Girl's final show of the production that she was in (read about it here and here) and exactly 3.5 hours post production the dreaded stomach virus set in. Yuck. It has been years since I saw Happy Girl this sick. It was baaaaaad. Sad thing is her birthday was Wednesday and she still wasn't feeling all that great. Better - but not good enough for birthday dinner, movie or cake.

Good thing is that we were able to head off to grandma's house for Thanksgiving because she was feeling back to her silly self on Thursday. Thanksgiving went great and we had a good time.

And wouldn't you know. Exactly 3.5 hours post Thanksgiving Happy Boy got the dreaded stomach virus. Yeah.

I had one day of healthy Happy Kiddos.

So, here I sit on Sunday morning (second Sunday that I've missed church due to this yucky stuff) with a not-so-Happy Boy. Day three of this junk. And you know what Happy Boy just said?

"I like being sick. Being sick is fun!"
I asked what it was that he liked about it. And you know what that crazy boy said?

"I like being sick because you like don't have to go to the store with your mom.
And if you want to eat or drink your mom or dad get it for you, I don't have to
go get it at all. And I can watch T.V. all day."

There you have it folks, I'm raising a lazy narcissist. Great.

I'm praying that hubby and I don't get it - this stuff is nasty - that is if you're not a lazy narcissist.

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