Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I really thought things were going to slow down.

But here we are in October and I should really just accept it as life. So...things have been busy.

Moving on.

If you've had a long day and go to bed at night too lazy to wash your face. Do yourself a favor in the morning...when you wake up drink your cup of coffee before anything else. If you don't you might just find yourself taking your eye makeup off with your facial toner. Not good. It stings...a lot.

Moving on.

So, my family is volunteering at the Pumpkin Run Walk this weekend. We decided to volunteer as a family this year and will be helping out on race day passing out food as the runners and walkers come past the finish line. This is an important even for my family. Last year Happy Girl and I ran in honor of her classmate Matthew Clark who had recently been diagnosed with leukemia. A group of first grade students ran to support the cause and raise funds, you can read a small article here. There will be a group of second graders running again this year. Even though Matthew is in Happy Girl's class this year he hasn't physically attended due to being confined at home after a medical procedure. I sure hope he can return to school after the new year. Please pray for Matthew and his family, this is a mean disease.
If you live in or near Olathe, come by Black Bob Elementary and join in!

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