Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here an allergy, there an allergy, everywhere an allergy!

I've had fall allergies ever since we moved to the US. Not fun. Normally I have to take an allergy pill with decongestant along with a nasal spray. This year I've had to up the ante with an antihistamine nasal spray. That's two nasal sprays people. T.W.O. It's like sniffing chlorine nightly into each nostril. I'm going to grow old and either never show my age or I'll be the old lady with gnarly nose hairs that nobody wants to talk to for fear of staring uncontrollably at the horror of her said nose.

I'm not greedy and have passed these great genes on to my kids.

Happy Girl started in on the fun when she turned 5 by needing an allergy pill nightly. At six she uped her game and chased her pill with a couple of shots of nasal spray.

And yesterday Happy Boy went to the doc and got his first prescription. He's raised us one by getting allergy eye drops along with his allergy medicine.

We're a hackin' home of fun here, folks.

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