Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I have to draw the line somwhere...

Happy Boy has been bringing "pets" home lately. I sat down to work at my desk the other night and looked over to see a grasshopper...on my desk. I'm just thankful it was in a jar. Apparently Dad helped trap the pet and gave approval from bringing it in the home. Anything beyond a dog or fish is not a pet for me. I made him take it to the garage to keep it.

Then, the next day he stood at the back door with two of the longest nastiest worms in his little hands asking for a bowl to put them in. When I told him they might like to live outside better he looked at me with a broken heart and said, " you don't like (name 1-I can't remember) or (name 2-I can't remember)?" and almost started crying. I felt like crap. So, I handed him the Ziploc bowl and there they are with "Zoom" the grasshopper in the garage. THEN, today he walked up with a cockroach in his hand. *shiver* I get goosebumps just thinking about it! I said no, we just don't have room in the inn. Thankfully he didn't get his feelings hurt with this one.

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