Thursday, October 18, 2007

Enjoying life.

For my birthday my sweet hubby and kiddos got me some music cds. I haven't refreshed my playlist in quite some time. Now, while I enjoy music and listening to it I am no expert and am not trendy and up-to-date with the latest and greatest. Half the time I don't even know the name of most bands or what songs they sing. I just listen because I enjoy the music and worship. That said I'll let you know what my family got me and my thoughts. They got me Overdressed by Caedmon's Call and David Crowder Band's Remedy.

Caedmon's Call is good and all...but kind of the same sound, not much growth or change I guess. It would be alright for listening on a rainy day or when I'm tired. heh.

I've enjoyed David Crowder Band's cd. My hubby wrote about it here. I've enjoyed it more the Caedmon's. But - that's pretty much expected right? Is there any bad or unenjoyable music by David Crowder?

However, the cd that has been playing most around here....newsboys' Go. Hubby picked this up during an incredible opportunity that he about it here. All there songs have a great beat. I love the first song, l.o.v.e. it! Maybe because it feeds my happy, imaginary, always happy endings, I love to laugh side of me. The thought of blue birds singing, grass getting green, and squirrels smiling and waving brings me much joy. The song gets better with "wherever we go that's where the party's at"...pure enjoyment. If you're lame like me and haven't purchased it yet...go and get it. The rest of the songs are just a next favorite is Something Beautiful and also The Mission. I think it'll be a while before I get tired of this one. I'm really enjoying it.

PLEASE HELP MY DOG KEEP HIS SANITY (or at least help me keep mine)
Door bell sounds should be banned from TV. Really. If my dog jumps up one more time chasing and barking after an imaginary visitor at our front door I'm gonna SCREAM! again. Sheesh. I would be happy if they could just ban doorbell sounds on TV after 8 p.m. that way it doesn't disturb my kids at 10:39 when the pizza commercial comes on and our dog goes crazy.

If you are a blog lurker and haven't jumped into the blogging thing you should try Facebook. All the fun of keeping up with friends and family without the need to write long or boring posts
(like this one). Warning: you can easily spend countless hours discovering old friends, drawing on people's art walls, and other silly, fun stuff. Really - you should check it out. And if you have an account...I'd love to be your friend! Add me.

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