Saturday, October 20, 2007

Open mounth, insert foot.

I swore I'd never go camping again. In fact when people would invite me and my family to go camping I would (after pulling my body up from rolling on the floor from hysterically laughing) tell them, "No way, I don't do bugs or outdoors."

The last time I went camping was well over 15 years ago. It was while in high school, I think I went on one too many high school camping adventures and none being all that great and or exciting.

This weekend my hubby planned a camping trip. I wanted to go mainly for my kids sake. I new they would enjoy it. I was surprised when I enjoyed it as well. I actually think I want to go again. Strange.

So, I will excuse myself to go and pull this size 8 foot out of my mouth.

PS - I'm hoping my hubby will post some pictures on his site. If not, I'll throw some on my facebook photo album.

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