Thursday, August 31, 2006

Here we go...

Okay, so I've been working on a post...a long post...about what God has been doing in my heart this past month and some of the struggles I've faced and how I've tried to work through them (which is why I haven't been posting much). But, well, did I mention it was long? Yeah, long and a bit boring to be honest. So, to spare you the long agonizingly boring details I'm trying to pare it down.

So, here's the scoop. I've struggled. I've been put through the fire. I'd like to think that I've come out a bit wiser.

There are about 5 or 6 major realizations I've come to while I've been away from bloggityville, most of which probably won't mean much too many. But there is one that I would like to share because, well, I guess I just feel like I should.

My sweet, dear friend Addie posted a WFMW tip the other day and I bet she had no clue what an "Aha" moment she would create for me.

This is where I'd say, "Head over and read her post" but I don't think there is anyone who doesn't subscribe to her RSS feed, so, I'm moving recap that is.

She made mention of my OCDish tendencies. That's it. That was all it took for me to have my moment...the heavens opened, the light shown down, and I swear I heard angles' voices belting "AAAAAhhhh" in the background as my mind raced.

And this is what went through my mind...

That's it! I am completely neurotic! (really...I thought that with excitement) I love a tidy home I love a well organized home I love a clean home I love being organized but ever since being a mom I haven't been able to feed these wacky OCDish tendencies because of these little bundles of craziness I call my children all these years I've been kicking my self in the *^&%@ because I've totally not been able to do any of these things and I just told myself I was worthless because I couldn't do any of these (completely unnecessary, but completely okay for me to want to do because I have OCDish tendencies) but I need to realize that being a mom to young children just doesn't facilitate that kind of organization (unless you're a stepford wife, of course)

Yes, that is how my mind long continuous thought which really doesn't make much sense to most people. Scary, huh?

Prepare, because here comes the second thought...

Oh my poor children! I get so frustrated with them when I'm trying to accommodate these OCDish tendencies by creating yet another chart or another list or clean (I use that term loosely) or whatever and they come and interrupt me but really I invited them into this life of mine and they are just being kids which is nothing to get frustrated at and I should just chill out and enjoy the interruptions because they wont last for much longer and then I'll be wishing I had more interruptions from them I just need to set aside these OCDish tendensies for a few years the kids don't care if the laundry is or isn't done (okay, so my husband does, because no one likes to have to wear dirty underwear but that's not the point here) or if the lamp is dusted they care about being with mom and enjoying her

Okay, so you see where I'm going with my whole realization thing? Yeah, this was just one. I'll spare you the rest...they're a bit more gory and a bit more boring.

So, Ad, thanks for "encouraging" me. It works for me too!

Love ya, girl! ***mmmwua***

FOR THE RECORD If you lost count of the total number of times "OCDish tendencies" was written (including this one in the record) is...drum roll...

543,976 times

Okay, not really, but it did feet like it and I did try to cram it in as many places as I could. heh.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I am no Worm Whisperer

Well, we spent the weekend in Omaha with my mother-in-law, which explains my temporary absence from blog world. BTW - don't you just love how I return without a word straight into Works for Me Wednesday? Yeah, I thought so.

Anyway... while there we visited the Children's Museum (a must on every visit to Nana's) and purchased a Horrible Science Weird Worms kit. I promised the kids we'd create our own worm habitat upon returning to home. Wednesday was the day.

We set out shortly after lunch with instructions in hand to create our worm-y abode. Here are the steps:

1. Find a clear jar and layer it with sand, kaolin (both found in the kit) and dirt (we supply our own).

2. Top the jar with leaves and grass.

3. Dig up a few worms and toss in the jar.

Now - this is where things get a bit...dirty.

The instructions give tips for charming the worms out of the ground. Such as wet the dirt if the ground is dry. Dance around on the dirt to make the worms think it is raining.

Yeah - can you see where this is going (surely you haven't forgotten I have a 3-year-old son.)
Let's just say, 2 hours later, a few neighbors questing my turning the ground with a large shovel, two mud-caked kids, and a mud-caked dog...NO WORMS.

You read right, no worms. Nada. Zilch. Zip. The big goose egg. I am no Worm Whisperer.

So, what is a mom to do? My own Master Card commercial.

Weird Worms Kit: $11.29

Glass Vase: $3.94

Garden Shovel: 13.29

Loads of fun and memories for a life time:

You'll notice my daughter has a different shirt in the final picture. In true girl-y fashion she realized a white shirt was not good for playing in the mud and insisted on a change of shirt to a dark colored one. Women.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I MIRLed Between Diapers and Dishes Today!

I've met her, I've met her!

Well, I should say WE'VE met her, me and Addie that is.

Yes, we met Michelle today for coffee at a PlayPlace. Sipping on a Starbuck's coffee in the middle of a McD's play area tends to take the charm out of the drink itself. However, the company was so exquisite I didn't linger on that thought for long.

As we chatted and shared our stories with real-life emphasis in our words it struck me just how much I have enjoyed the whole new world of blogging. I could have never imagined that starting a blog would create friendships for me around the world. Yet it has. And not just ordinary friendships, but strong friendships with other God-seeking women and mothers. What a true blessing and complete joy.

Michelle, you are as beautiful in real life as you are in your blog writings! It was such a pleasure to meet you today and I can only pray and hope that God will cross our paths again someday!

PS - MILRed: Met-In-Real-Life

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Works For Me: Building Pride In Children

I present to you:



These towels were lovingly folded by my six-year-old daughter and three-year-old son. No, the towels have not been precisely folded to have the corners meet neatly, and they have not been folded in the ever-so-delightful "tri-fold" as seen in countless commercials. But I squealed with delight and had plenty of hugs and kisses to go around when the task of folding had been done.

Momentary RANT (please bear with me...) I can't stand when parents point out the wrongs to children who have given their best to complete a task and who have performed to the best of their young abilities! It is one of my biggest pet peeves. It may not be perfect and it may even look to the parent as a disaster, but in their heart they've tried their best. And when a parent comes along behind them (even if they don't verbally put the child down) and "perfects" said task - it damages the child's confidence. The message sent to the child is, "Yeah, nice try, but it is not good enough."

So, my Works For Me Wednesday tip is: Let a child take pride in their work. Don't go in behind them and "make it better". Allow them to be part of the family team and let them know that they are valuable and no matter what they contribute, or at what level, it will be appreciated (not re-done).

There is just nothing better than seeing a child feel valued!

For more Works For Me Wednesday tips head over to Shannon's place.