Thursday, May 24, 2007

Armed Forces Day

Happy Girl's school had a special celebration for Armed Forces Day. It was an absolute blast! The school invited all active duty and vets of any of the armed forces to join in a special celebration. Happy Girl invited Happy Grandpa and Happy Great-Grandad. Grandpa already had a commitment that day and wasn't able to join us, but Great-Grandad was thrilled to be a part of the celebration.

Here is Great-Grandad and Happy Girl. He served as a Merchant Marine during World War II and also served in the Army.

(I heard Grandad might be working on unveiling a blog soon - I'll be sure to keep you posted on any progress!)

This is Happy Great-Grandma with the crew. Aren't they the sweetest things?!!!

Part of the day's festivities was the visit of a Chinook helicopter. Check out the landing of the Chinook videoed by my husband here. This had to be one of the highlights of the day. Being able to meet these men who serve our country and being able to see the kids explore this awesome piece of machinery. FUN!

Happy Boy was thrilled! He now claims he wants to be a pilot.

When Happy Boy saw this...he said,
"Look, Mom! Health!"
If you have ever played a video/computer game that involves solder-y type themes you'll see the red cross as a place to get more "health". Happy Boy has played many games with his dad and was sure that this is the real life health for the soldiers.

The kids also had the opportunity to sit in the Hummer that was brought along on the helicopter

This picture summarizes my emotions throughout the entire day. It was surreal for me to watch my kids playing on the playground with this large Chinook sitting in the background. If it wasn't for the sacrifices of all our Nation's Armed Forces and their families then my family wouldn't be able to enjoy the freedom and peace that we live in daily.

To all our soldiers and their families: THANK YOU! My freedom and safety is because of your sacrifices and you will always be heroes to me.


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Monday, May 14, 2007

How many superheroes can you be at one time?

Apparently, seven. You begin the mega morphed superhero with a base of Thing, followed by the Red Power Ranger, Spiderman, Batman, then Buzz Lightyear all topped off with Superman disguised as Clark Kent with the power boost of the "Soldier" pants.

Prepare for take-off!

As mighty as this mega-morphed superhero is, the only thing that kept running through my mind was this:

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Stuff Stuff Stuff

A picture of my singing darling at the First Grade Musical. Happy Girl is at left all pretty in pink.

This past week at the Happy home we have been working hard to get Happy Boy's room complete. It finally is. Here is the bed that Brian built. We stained and painted it and then attached a cool canvas curtain to make the bottom into a fort.
The curtains I made out of colored canvas. It came out pretty good, if I say so myself!

Inside the fort we've tucked away toys and it gives his room a much cleaner look. Ah.

He has some superhero miniature movie posters hung on the opposite wall. All in all - we are very happy with the results. Yea!

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Creative Discipline Gone Wrong. Very Wrong.

So, the Happy Home has a few issues. One being...boogers wiped on the walls.

Yes, eeeew.

Honestly, I can't really pin it onto one child - as I haven't witnessed said wiping on the walls. But I find plenty of evidence. It is GROSS.

The line was crossed today when I found a nasty big-one dried on the front of my pretty stainless steel fridge.

So, in a fit of grossed-out-nauseous-rage I tried to get a bit too creative with said boogie disciplinary action. As I wiped the dried chunk with a rag and looked at it in disgust (during my tirade. I blurted out, “This is disgusting. Boogers are nasty. If I ever find another booger on any surface of this house I will make you eat it!”

Happy Boy smiled his ornery smile and calmly said, “Okay.”

Happy Girl looked at him in shock. Then snapped back with, “Go ahead, eat it then!”

And, my friends, the boy licked the booger.

Yes he did.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Leaps in Life

WOW! These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind! To try and recap it all would just be impossible. So, with the help of my hubby and dad I'll get a couple of big stories out of the way.

Last week my dad visited Happy Girl's class to talk about book writing. He's written several books and he recapped the entire visit beautifully in his blog! Check out his post here.

Hubby shares about her audition for the school talent show. Read about the experience on my hubby's blog here. Go on....then come back here to finish up the rest of this post.

So, she rocked the house at the audition! She rehearsed with sound and moves reminiscent of Hannah Montana, but just before hitting the stage asked me if it would be okay if she didn't use any "moves". The nerves were kicking in for her but she didn't hold back. She was amazing! During the middle of the song she began to get comfortable, tried to get cute by crossing a few steps to stage right causing her to fumble on the lyrics. Nothing big, but for a first time performer something like that could be devastating...not for my little diva. She recovered and finished strong. I could not have been prouder!

Today she hopped in the car and screamed, well, squealed at the top of her lungs then proceeded to tell me she made the cut and is in the talent show. Then I proceeded to squeal. And in complete brotherly love and support, Happy Boy began to squeal. It was such a fun memory. I am a proud mama.

Then tonight was the First Grade Musical at school. Only one kid had a vocal solo and she and a friend had a duet. They were the only ones in the entire first grade who had solo/duets. I'm beaming! She, again, did a fantastic job. She sang right into the mic like an old pro. And she was just so pretty and gleaming on stage it was fun to watch her.


My kids are growing up.

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