Thursday, January 18, 2007

Do you have a FAC?

That is a Family Activity Coordinator.

We do.

Happy Girl (7 years old) has assigned herself that role in our family. She came out of the womb holding her head high (not kidding here, floppy head for her!) and seeing what kind of craziness she could stir up. And it hasn't stopped yet.

Her little head is constantly spinning with ideas for the next craft, game, or whatever to keep her and our entire family busy (Exhibit A). She'll work tirelessly for hours without mentioning a word as to what she is up too (we of course always know she is up to something because she spinning busily through the home) then she'll pop into the room, demand everyone's attention and announce what we are going to be doing next.

Tonight's activity: SNOWBALL FIGHT!

After dinner we were herded into the family room seated on the couch and given the instructions. Wad up a piece of paper and throw at each other. Team with the fewest "snowballs" on their side are the winners. Simple enough.

Now, teams.

Happy Girl: "Happy Dad, Happy Boy and me will be on one team and Mom on the other."

Happy Dad: "Now that doesn't seem too fair." (Isn't he sweet?)

Happy Mom: "You're going down, suckahs! I'm gonna whomp all of you!!!!"

This was said as I jolted behind the couch and started tossing my "snowballs". We had so much fun. Chalk one up for our FAC!

Clean up was a breeze.

Happy Mom: "Happy Boy, go get the trash can, let's see who can get the most baskets!"

So, with that, another evening at the Happy Home has been placed to memory. Good night!

God of Wonders

When BooMama was nudged by God to try something new and crazy, she followed His voice and see what God has done:

first this:

then this:

then finally this:

I've created some amazing Christ-based relationships on the internet through blogs. People just don't get it...and when you do try to explain it they just cock their heads with a puzzled look as if you've lost your mind.

I may have lost my mind, but I thank God everyday for these friendships and pray that He can continue to use this community to shine on the world.

It's an odd thing this internet, but if we give it to God he can also do miracles there as well!

Just ask Kelli at Living in Grace.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Eyeballs popping and prayers

I tell ya...if I could've squeezed my son any tighter this morning his eye's would've popped right out. You see, my daughter has been sick since yesterday. She's been running a fever and hugging the toilet. This morning as I stood in the bathroom with her doing the motherly-hold-the-hair-back-and-rub-the-back-simultaneously-while-your-child-pukes pose (add to that proping a phone to my ear as well), my son walked to the door. He said in his sweet little 4-year-old voice, "Momma, I don't like sissy being sick and throwing up. Let's pray God helps her belly not to be sick." He then led us (after I quickly got off the phone) into the sweetest prayer ever!

Let the squeezing begin! I couldn't have been more proud of that little boy. My heart was squeezing.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Bathroom Reading Material

Most families (huge assumption here, humor me people) keep magazines/newspapers for their preferred bathroom reading material. My daughter has given me a unique reading option:

She's seven, Friends. Way beyond the age of knowing better. What she wasn't thinking through at the time of this crime was the ability to blame the crime on another (AKA "Little Brother") who might not know better. What gave her away as the culprit was the legible sentence. Tsk.

"all of the peiple." I'm holding out on this being the starting sentence of a best seller some day. When it does, I'll send you an autographed copy by the author - I'll have connections!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Open letter to Pastor and Mrs. Abu Saada

Dear Pastor and Mrs. Abu Saada,

First and foremost, Congratulations! It was an honor to witness your ordination into the ministry on Sunday. I am confident God's hand is on your family and that you will continue to be used by Him in mighty ways.

HOWEVER, you've been a bit too humble in this here situation. Pastor, you are the "announcement pusher" at Grace and really down-played the entire ordination WAY TO MUCH. Your friends weren't even able to prepare for the grand event for lack of communication. Were there even any pictures taken at the event? FREAK! If there were, could you please pass them along to your friends/ministry partners? Thank you very much. Oh - and you've been a bit too quite on the blog regarding this event as well. SPEAK UP!

Pastor's Wife, I echo what was said to Pastor and direct it to you as well. This is the best you've got to share this huge life moment with the bloggy world? WEAK! This is how it's done.


NOW, all you reader out there....head over and congratulate the Pastor and his wife!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Dad is blogging??? MY DAD IS BLOGGING!!!

I can't believe it ya'll! My dad has joined the blogging world and I'm so excited.

Please, please go check this phenomenal man out (I am partial but I know many others do agree with me!)