Thursday, January 11, 2007

Open letter to Pastor and Mrs. Abu Saada

Dear Pastor and Mrs. Abu Saada,

First and foremost, Congratulations! It was an honor to witness your ordination into the ministry on Sunday. I am confident God's hand is on your family and that you will continue to be used by Him in mighty ways.

HOWEVER, you've been a bit too humble in this here situation. Pastor, you are the "announcement pusher" at Grace and really down-played the entire ordination WAY TO MUCH. Your friends weren't even able to prepare for the grand event for lack of communication. Were there even any pictures taken at the event? FREAK! If there were, could you please pass them along to your friends/ministry partners? Thank you very much. Oh - and you've been a bit too quite on the blog regarding this event as well. SPEAK UP!

Pastor's Wife, I echo what was said to Pastor and direct it to you as well. This is the best you've got to share this huge life moment with the bloggy world? WEAK! This is how it's done.


NOW, all you reader out there....head over and congratulate the Pastor and his wife!

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