Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Boy's heroes

Our latest project around the Happy home is a room makeover for Happy Boy. Santa will be delivering the bulk of his makeover items, however, I've been asking him what he wants so we can prepare our letter to Santa. Santa needs a lot of time to work on a project like this one! ;-)

After consistently giving me the same answer to my pounding question, "What theme do you want?", we have settled on a theme: Superheroes.

Not an unusual request for a 4 year old boy's dream room. He can't possibly narrow it down to just one hero because they all have special powers and can contribute to saving the world in very different ways. So, as long as there is a bit of Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Captain America, Hulk (you get the idea) we will be in good shape. Really, most of those heroes don some red, blue or yellow and can be pulled together thematically for a room quite easily. I was thinking we could go with a comic book type feel to the room.

So, the other day at Wal-Mart I decided to stop by the bedding isle with him to see which superhero he would want to be displayed on his bedding. As we were looking at Batman, Superman and Spiderman I asked which was his favorite. He answered, "The Soldier One." I hadn't even noticed the camouflage bedding because it was on the bottom of the shelf and over to the side. Then the following conversation occurred.

Happy Mom: But, Joe, soldiers aren't superheroes.

Happy Boy: (with an insulted look on his face) Soldiers ARE superheroes, Mom!"

A flood of emotions and thoughts rushed through my mind in that very moment. I was humbled by my son, yet so very proud. What a sobering moment, to be brought to reality by my son.

Yes, Joe. You're right, soldiers are superheroes.

So, to all the soldiers who have dedicated their lives to protect our country, know that a little boy understands your place of honor: You ARE Superheroes.

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