Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Delayed Reality Syndrome and a frozen stapes.

One major thing that I left off of my "weirdo" meme the other day...I suffer from Delayed Reality Syndrome.

I'm sure you haven't heard of such a thing because I have completely made it up. This is the term I've created to describe my little quirkiness. You see, when anything major arises in my life I fail to accept how major it really is until the very last possible moment and then I'm swept with emotions in the instant that I realize...well, reality.

Here is an example:
My sister getting married. For the entire engagement period I touted how happy I was to be able to be the only child, I would have the house to myself, be spoiled by my parents, and enjoy complete and utter privacy. As tissues were handed out before the ceremony to be tucked in our bras (just in case a tear crept up) I declined the offer and hooted with joy that my sister was moving out of the house...no tears for me. Reality struck me while I was standing at the alter next to her, yeah...without a tissue. Let's just say the tux that the groomsmen standing next to me was wearing, well, it wasn't returned quite as clean as when it was rented. I wiped my snot on it.

Anyway, what is the point of this post?

Well, I have a condition called otosclerosis. Basically, one of the bones in my ear has stopped functioning. The bone that is "frozen" is the stapes bone. Hence...I have a frozen stapes. This has caused me to begin to lose my hearing in my right ear. A simple procedure called a stapedectomy will remove the bone and replace it with a prosthetic. It is a minor surgery and is an outpatient procedure.

This has been a fun topic for Ad and I and we've had many obnoxious conversations regarding my frozen stapes. I'm pretty sure she is ready for this phase of my life to be over because if I bring this topic up again I'm sure she'll smack me. But there is nothing I love more than to annoy the living daylights out of her. That's what friends are for.

Until yesterday it has been a very light hearted topic for me. But, DRS has struck. As with any medical procedure there are always risks involved and my mind has been thinking on that today. The reality has set in.

So, my sweet blogging friends, I ask for prayer. Pray my doctor is in good mind and alert and sober. I trust God will take care of me but I do have a bit of nervousness. So please pray that I have peace of mind and heart.

I go in tomorrow early in the morning so I doubt I'll post a follow up for a few days. Until then, blog on!

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