Friday, July 28, 2006

Bloggy Tour of Homes!!!

Welcome! Allow me to introduce you to our
Happy Home...

***UPDATED*** I've added pictures of the parts of the home that ARE decorated. Being the obedient girl I only posted initially on the recommendations from BooMama (those who know me and are snickering about the whole obedient thing...stop) but after a couple of comments from visitors I'll include some rooms that are actually decorated.
This is our front door. Yup. There she is ya'll!

Here is our entry, in all of its silvery-blue glory.

This is one of my favorite features of our home. I don't read a whole lot, but I sure like these shelves...and the new chandelier that my stud of a husband installed!

Here is our guest bath we just remodeled. We haven't decorated it yet, but I love love the floor in there.

Now, I had considered tidying up the desk space...but I'm going for the "lived in" look here.

Now, our kitchen. Notice the product placement? I'm waiting for my check from "Diet Coke" to arrive.

This is our living room. You'd think it would have been one of the first rooms to remodel after moving in. Nope...still there. With our original furniture from when we were married, realtor white walls, and absolutley nothing on the walls. I never claimed to be a domestic goddess.

This is the kids bathroom, I like the concept and the pictures, but I'm looking forward to the actual remodel where we'll put in new floors and fixtures. Get the whole theme thing...The Frog Prince. Happy Girl and I did the pictures together.

And, favorite spot. I love to sit on our back deck or just look out my back windows. We have several trees in the back and I just love the peaceful feeling out there. Since we got our dog, however, we don't spend as much time out there...the land mines placed by the dog are a huge drawback. But I do like to sit on my deck furniture and enjoy the peace there.

There you have it. I probably should have posted on some of the rooms that have been remodeled...the kids rooms, our entry and the guest bathroom. Hmm? Maybe I'll be back to update with those.

A great BIG Thank You goes out to BooMama for hosting all of this fun. We love you!!!

Now - go check out some more homes!

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