Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Heart's Hug from a Mother

The other day I was cleaning our garage out when I noticed something, a unique object - it had wheels, a tall metal "stem", and a soft flat-like area maybe for putting something on it...AHA! It was our stroller! Yes, I realized that our stroller had been hanging on the garage wall for quite some time, in fact, I can't even remember the last time we used it.

Then it hit me, like a ton of bricks, and I was overwhelmed with emotion...when did we graduate from toddlerhood? Somehow we entered the school years (albeit that includes pre-school) and I've been riding along without a blink.

I turned to my husband, trying to hold back the tears, and shared my realization. "Our kids are growing up!" And he, being the wise man that he is, started to point out all of the wonders and joys of their current stage. He's right.

As a new mom I was constantly reminded by moms of older children who would say, "Enjoy them while they are young, they grow up too quickly". I think this subconsciously put a fear in my heart.

I must say, I have enjoyed the snuggles, the bundles that I can squeeze, and the cute stage of learning to talk. Really, I've enjoyed every bit of their first years in life. It truly is extraordinary. I'm amazed at the immense amount of love a mother can have for her children.

The kind of love that squeezes your heart, you love them so much that you can feel your heart hugging theirs.

I never experienced that kind of love before becoming a mother, I really think it is a kind of love that is only reflected from mothers to their children. But, wow!, it is incredible. And it can hit at the most ordinary times.

Yes, my kids may not be riding in a stroller anymore. But I'm okay with that. I will not look back at these first years with regret or sadness that they are gone. I look back on those years with joy, amazing memories, a smile on my heart, and thankfulness to God for blessing me with such amazing little hearts. He has trusted me with them? Wow! I am honored!

My kids are "school-aged". The joys of this stage? I can share conversations with them, share our humor with each other, help each other, lead my daughter to a relationship with God! (hopefully my son will follow in the coming years), and that is only what I've experienced so far. I've just begun! I am anxious to see what sweet experiences will come with this next stage of parenthood, and I will write the memories in my heart with joy.

To any new mother out there...Yes, enjoy these years because they do seem to fleet away. But don't fear your little darlings growing - there is so much joy in each stage of life. I say, savour each stage, for each stage is beautiful in its own right. Each stage brings its own heart hugs for your children. And I tell you, share those hugs generously!

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