Friday, July 07, 2006

"Made with love by MamaSaada"

Hehehe, I laugh because I know I'm gonna get it for the whole MamaSaada thing. Hehehe, but I just can't help it!

Notice anything different? Yup, Addie loves me!

I've been mentioning to Ad that I want to change my blog but I just don't want to mess with trying to learn how to do it. I know, you say it is easy but I say it is a hassle. Anyway, here is a glimpse at a portion of our conversation:

Ad: So what do you want to change?

Me: I dunno. Everything. I was thinking of keeping the same colors it has now.

Ad: Which is the color you like? The green or the gray?

Me: None. I guess is just might be good.

This is the point where the pity began to set in...

Ad: Oooookay, what about a graphic?

Me: Oh, whatever. I guess something happy. I'm Happy Mom.

I didn't actually get to see her expression at this point, we were on the phone, but I'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes and followed it up with her head banging on the wall.

Ad: I'll help you out if you want.

Me: Really?

Ad: Of course!

Because that's the kind of friend she is!!! And she has, she found the graphic for me, she came up with the color scheme, and even sacrificed her own blog's links all for the sake of my little blog, and also logged in as me to upload it - I'm such a geek! And if that isn't enough...she even nominated me for a FREE blog make-over over at My Midlife Moments. Now that is a friend!

So, stop by Addie's and let her know how great she is!

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