Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tons of Random Stuff

WHAT A BLAST! Thanks Shalee for organizing! I loved getting to meet people and putting face, blog and personalities together. I am now going through and trying to go back thru everyone┬┤s blog so I can picture them better when reading their posts. It sure does make it a lot fun this way.

Ad tagged me. Unfortunately for her, she was unaware of what a sore spot she would hit with me. I do not have the perfect mug. I have one I like but it has its flaws. One - not dishwasher safe. Two - no lid. Three - only hold 2 cups worth of coffee. Sigh. One the positive, this is my current favorite mug because....I like the Plaza scene (the lights "turn on" when the hot coffee fills the mug), while they were making these mugs annually it was a tradition for my mother to give them to me at Christmas time, and they are larger than your average sized coffee cup. There you have it. As an added bonus, my mother just happened to be staying the night with me on the day I was tagged by Ad, so I got her "mug shot". Enjoy. Oh, and when I do find the perfect mug - I'll be sure to post on it.

Yes, the day has come. My 6-year-old thinks she is ready. This'll be a fun post to look forward to, look for it next week.

Are there any other awful, horrible mothers who refuse to play Barbies with their daughters or am I the only one? ARGH! Pure torture and agony for me! I have to grit my teeth when I do reluctantly agree...hence, I'm on my way. Wish me luck.

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