Friday, July 14, 2006

No, no - SHE's Worth It

Can you feel the love already?

I wanted to post this sooner - this week has been insane. But then I thought - hmmm, will it make a difference?

My best bud, Addie, is a finalist for the Best Meet for a Mocha in this years Blogs of Beauty Awards. To say I am excited about this would be a huge understatement. The reason I debated whether to tell you all to go vote, is well, because all of my ten readers come from her site. hehe. So, really, I'm preaching to the choir here.

Then, I made a crazy realization - SHE IS UP FOR THE WRONG AWARD!

Yea, best meet for mocha - you guys are aiming so low. The award would be best meet to become friends with. Shalee, you can back me up here!

Benefits of having Addie as your friend:

1. Her awesome laugh that she shares generously.
2. Great sense of humor to make you laugh generously.
3. She has an amazing listening skill.
4. Her supportive nature - this woman has been one of the greatest supporters for me while starting up my business this past year. She has taken my kids way more than any sane person would be willing to. But she is that great of a friend. Oh, and do I need to mention that she spruced up my blog and then nominated me for a blog make-over at Heather's and asked her large reading pool to vote for me? Thanks to her and you I will be receiving a makeover by SwankMom.
5. She has a great outlook at the working of God in her life - you've all already witnessed that in her writing.
6. She the sober one. Meaning - when, oh let's just say "somebody", gets wacky ideas like, oh let's just say following strangers at a zoo and jumping in their family pictures, she's the one who keeps your brain in your head.
7. She is just plain fun to hang out with.

Alright, I know I could keep going - but frankly, I need to head out to Summer Break Out.

I hope I've made my case. We need to nominate her for Best To Meet To Become Friends. What? That's not a category? Alright, let's just settle for Best Meet for Mocha. Let's go vote.

Ad, I love ya, girl!

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