Friday, July 07, 2006

Semita, Gomitas and a NEW Favorite Mug!!!

What a day!

God's timing always amuses me. I had been asked to share my testimony, so earlier this week I shared a bit about growing up in El Salvador as an MK. Ironically (wink, wink) my parents just so happen to be in El Salvador this very week speaking at a conference. God just knew that sharing my testimony would make me miss so much about ES. My parents got back in town last night, shared a bit with me about the trip and then came by this morning bearing great gifts! God was very sweet to coordinate this just so.

Here is my loot

Earrings and necklace set - a tradition my mother has is to purchase jewelry for me on her travels.

Gomitas and Goma Pino - all I can say is...Jujyfruits, eat your heart out!

Salvadoran art painted on a bird feather. Now that's talent, people.

Semita de Pina - An awesome Salvadoran original pastry - YUMMY!

Gourmet Salvadoran Coffee

And a NEW MUG! My parents new I was needing a favorite mug for the home.

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I was able to see their pictures and reminisce about old friends and places. Here are my parents with some long time friends.

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And this was their view from their hotel, this is how I remember ES

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