Saturday, July 08, 2006

Captivating - Chapter 4

This chapter didn't stir too much in me. Mainly because I feel like the wounds I carry are more self-inflicted or caused of others than my own parents. One thing I did note for the sake of my daughter was on page 61,
Women learn from their mothers what is means to be a woman, and from their fathers the value that a woman has - the value they have as a woman. If a woman is comfortable with her own femininity, her beauty, her strength, then the chances are good that her daughter will be too.
I never really became comfortable with being feminine until my daughter was born. Even right after she was born I tried to avoid dressing her in pink or anything frilly. I just wasn't comfortable with it. As she has grown, I have too. I'm so thankful that she is girlie. She loves all shades of pink, glitter, and manicures! I've come to embrace my femininity because of her, and I pray I can repay the blessing to her as she grows and matures.

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