Monday, July 17, 2006

We Are Familleeee

Here are some of the results of our family portrait session.

***Quick Note: My daughter asked Jesus into her heart tonight! To say it was the sweetest prayer I've ever heard would be an understatement. It was a beautiful moment shared by my husband and I as we asked her questions and as she spoke of how she loves Jesus and knows that she needs him. When it came time to pray my husband was going to "lead" her through a prayer but she spoke up and just prayed from her heart. It was touching. I could hear the angels rejoicing!!! I must add here, that if it wasn't for our wonderful children's ministry volunteers I don't think she would have been quite as prepared for this moment. But our children's pastor, Brian Gann, and his team do such a great job of teaching our children about Jesus that is a joy to see her flourish in her growth. Thank you Grace Place! My husband has posted about last night's moment, too!

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