Monday, July 17, 2006

What fun.

This past week and weekend were jam packed with activities. Last week we had Summer Break Out at my church and then we had company over the weekend. So here is a brief summary of some of what I thought were highlights.

Summer Break Out
What a blast! Kudos to the children's ministry leaders at my church who sacrifice so much time and talent to give our children a life thrilling week focused on growing a relationship with God. It was amazing. There is nothing better than hearing children say memory verses, worshiping God through song, and just flat out having fun. It was a great week.

FAMILY PICTURES: We had family pictures taken! This may not seem like a very exciting event, but let's just say the last time we had family pictures taken my son (now 3 1/2 years old) was 2 months old. Yes, people, we really have never had a family picture. I'll post a couple of them this week when I get them.

MY DAUGHTER: We had a great conversation Saturday. For about an hour we did nothing but talk about God. It was beautiful. We talked about why we are all sinners, why God had to send his son Jesus to die on the cross, why we need Jesus, and why we give our life to him. She is ready to ask him into her heart. So, please pray for me today as I walk her through God's word and guide her in this beautiful event of asking Christ into her heart and life. I am so excited.

MY SON: Well, all I can say is that he lived up to being all boy on Saturday. My husband posted very well on my son's weekend highlights (let just say it includes a lot of gas). Please stop by his site and read up on his take of my son's highlight moments from the's too funny.

MY COMPANY: We had a great time with Nathan this weekend. I'd link to him but I'm having problems trying to get to his site. Sorry, Nathan. Again, you can read highlights from his visit on my husbands blog.

MY HUSBAND: This is the part I'm most excited about. My husband has returned to blogging. Can you feel the link love yet? Well, he had temporarily stopped blogging due to his transition from the corporate world to his current employer, Avant Ministries. You can read about his transition here. Avant is a missions agency and it has been awesome to be a part of their organization. I'm proud of my husband for taking such a huge step of faith and trusting God during this transition. It has been awesome! Please, please stop by his blog and check out the incredible things he is doing and accomplishing.

KIDS PRAISE: At our worship services we had the children from Summer Break Out sing a few songs, say their practice points for the week and their memory verse. It was great. There is something very powerful about hearing the children sing at the top of their lungs that they are "Following Jesus". Beautiful. I might add that my children were awesome. Happy Girl sang her heart out with all of the actions to the song done so well, and Happy Boy - well, he was just plain adorable on the stage. A great time had by all.

All in all, we had a great week and a great weekend. I'm looking forward to this week. Nothing major on the calendar and that is sweet, sweet, sweet.

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