Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

As I was getting ready to jump into bed last night, I shut down the computer and my husband turned off the bedside lamp. I fumbled my way in the dark and crawled into bed. I could feel a bump under my arm, and thinking it was one of Happy Girl's beads (don't we all find those in our beds?) and brushed under my arm...{shudder}...it was not hard like a bead...but...{shudder}...well, something crawl-y.

I quickly jumped up and turned my lamp on to see a nasty little black spider crawling on my sheets. {BIG SHUDDER!} Minus a leg - that I had unknowingly amputated that was laying steps behind it. {shudder} Just so you know...I really am shuddering as I type this.

Needless to say, I got very little sleep last night. I couldn't fall to sleep because I kept "feeling" like something was crawling on me. ALL.NIGHT.LONG! (This is where I hear Addie singing along to Lionel Richie)

Once I did sorta fall asleep, Happy Boy decided he should join us. So, I'm back awake and feeling crawlies. {shudder}

Again, all.night.long. If I did manage to nod off...yeah, my dreams would be of bugs.

I'm still getting creeped out about it today.

What? What is that you ask? Oh, what comfort did my husband bring last night at the point the spider had been disposed of and I kept getting shivers and not wanting to get back into bed?

"Hey, at least they don't travel in packs, ya know."

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