Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Update...

For the record...it's 7 p.m. and we're back from trick or treating. Yes, you read right...we're back.

My husband and I are floored that my kids don't want to stay up for hours going door to door and gathering as much loot as possible (after all that's what we did when we were kids). My daughter was anxious to get home so she could "sell" the candy. And my son, well, he just wanted to eat the candy, and going to more homes just meant that it was going to take longer before he could eat them.

So, here we are at home...my son has made his way through half his bag of candy. Well, it's not that much. And my daughter is in social bliss opening the door repeatedly for strangers and enjoying being in control of handing out candy.

The problem. I didn't buy much candy to hand out because I really thought we wouldn't be here. We're going to be shuting off the lights soon and sitting in complete darkness. That's really not too bad in my book.

So, here are our pumkins for you to view.

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