Friday, November 03, 2006

My heart breaks.

Yesterday my daughter's school had a Code Red drill. I haven't felt a conviction thus far to home school my kids, but this could push me a little closer to considering the option.

If you don't know what a code red drill is a drill to prepare students to hide should an intruder enter the school. Columbine of course comes to mind and most recently the Amish school shooting.

My daughter shared how they practiced finding a good hiding spot in their classroom and how happy she was that the teacher didn't make her move - it meant she had found a good spot to hide. She shared how if they were outside they had the choice to run inside to hide or they could find a place to hide outside. If they're in the hall they need to find the closest classroom or bathroom. My heart breaks.

This shouldn't be a concern for our children but sadly it is. As much as this upsets me, I am glad that preventive measures are taken but I pray they'll never be used. The reality is that this could happen at home too. An intruded could just as easily enter the home and attack. So, I shouldn't be so quick to want to pull my kids from school because it really isn't a school system's a society issue. What are your thoughts?

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