Monday, January 15, 2007

Eyeballs popping and prayers

I tell ya...if I could've squeezed my son any tighter this morning his eye's would've popped right out. You see, my daughter has been sick since yesterday. She's been running a fever and hugging the toilet. This morning as I stood in the bathroom with her doing the motherly-hold-the-hair-back-and-rub-the-back-simultaneously-while-your-child-pukes pose (add to that proping a phone to my ear as well), my son walked to the door. He said in his sweet little 4-year-old voice, "Momma, I don't like sissy being sick and throwing up. Let's pray God helps her belly not to be sick." He then led us (after I quickly got off the phone) into the sweetest prayer ever!

Let the squeezing begin! I couldn't have been more proud of that little boy. My heart was squeezing.

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