Thursday, January 18, 2007

Do you have a FAC?

That is a Family Activity Coordinator.

We do.

Happy Girl (7 years old) has assigned herself that role in our family. She came out of the womb holding her head high (not kidding here, floppy head for her!) and seeing what kind of craziness she could stir up. And it hasn't stopped yet.

Her little head is constantly spinning with ideas for the next craft, game, or whatever to keep her and our entire family busy (Exhibit A). She'll work tirelessly for hours without mentioning a word as to what she is up too (we of course always know she is up to something because she spinning busily through the home) then she'll pop into the room, demand everyone's attention and announce what we are going to be doing next.

Tonight's activity: SNOWBALL FIGHT!

After dinner we were herded into the family room seated on the couch and given the instructions. Wad up a piece of paper and throw at each other. Team with the fewest "snowballs" on their side are the winners. Simple enough.

Now, teams.

Happy Girl: "Happy Dad, Happy Boy and me will be on one team and Mom on the other."

Happy Dad: "Now that doesn't seem too fair." (Isn't he sweet?)

Happy Mom: "You're going down, suckahs! I'm gonna whomp all of you!!!!"

This was said as I jolted behind the couch and started tossing my "snowballs". We had so much fun. Chalk one up for our FAC!

Clean up was a breeze.

Happy Mom: "Happy Boy, go get the trash can, let's see who can get the most baskets!"

So, with that, another evening at the Happy Home has been placed to memory. Good night!

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