Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One of my parenting experiments that worked!!!!

Now, many who read my blog know I love me some creative parenting. Yes, I do. So here is the tale of my latest experiment.

Happy Boy is one of the best kids ever. His sense of humor is out of this world, much like his ornery smile. However, laziness is his weakness. The boy does not like to exert himself. Sending him to clean his room is like asking him to pluck his toenails off one by one...torture. Then after an hour of him locked in his room with N.O. progress I would set the timer give him 2 minutes to clean everything green, or all things action figures. 2 minutes for red, or balls. 2 minutes for blue, or cars. You get the picture.

A couple of weeks ago I was exhausted of the constant battle and developed a plan. I realized that I probably never devoted the time to teaching him how to clean his room as I had to Happy Girl - he is the second child. I was partially to blame. I headed to his room with a large trash bag and anything that wasn't it it's "home" I threw in the bag. Two trash bags later and a very clean room left one Happy Mom. I dragged the two bags to the guest room and left to pick my darling 6-y-o from school.

On the way home I apologized to him for not taking the time to teach him how to clean his room. I informed him that I cleaned his room for him by taking anything out that wasn't put away it it's "home". I told him if he could keep his room clean each night while he brushed his teeth I would inspect the entire house. If all of his toys were put away then he could earn a toy back from the guest room but he could only keep it if he could prove to me that the toy his picked had a "home". However, if I found toys during inspection they would head to the trash bag in the spare room and he wouldn't gain a toy for that day.

HALLELUJAH!!!! The angels have sung and heavenly rays have warmed our home for 2 weeks!

People - I have a new son. It has been amazing. Let me know if you decide to try this tactic, I'm curious if it works for anyone else.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I don't believe in Valentine's Day.

I don't believe in Valentine's Day. That is exactly what I told my friend today when we were talking about Valentine's Day plans. I've always thought it was a bit cheesy and couples should be showing their love for each other year-round and if you really need a day to celebrate your love would an anniversary do that?

Wow - that was a crazy long sentance. I never claimed to be a good

So, I do get the Happy Kiddos little goodies for this day because - isn't life a big party for kids? And this is just another great excuse to do that. So - why don't I use Valentine's Day as another great excuse to celebrate the love I have for my Hubby? Yeah - I'm a little slow, can you see.

Tonight when Hubby got home he said, "Do you not check for packages at the door?"

Sure enough, there was a box at the door and inside - a beautiful orchid plant! My sweetie got me flowers for Valentine's Day!

I do, I do, I do believe in Valentine's Day! It made me feel loved and happy, and I had nothing to give back to him because, you know, I don't believe in Valentine's Day. I felt so bad.

So, first thing tomorrow I'm going to buy my hubby a shirt that says

Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie! I promise I will forever believe in Valentine's Day. Thanks for always making me feel special and loved. I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Confessions from the Tooth Fairy.

Today my daughter lost another tooth. I use the word "lost" loosely (no pun) because really she wriggled and yanked at that tooth until it gave in and it was a bloody mess. I guess she has learned the value of a tooth.

Have I ever mentioned loose teeth make me queasy?

So, this evening before bed Happy Girl (8) asked me if the Tooth Fairy is real. She’s at that age…we haven’t had the Santa talk but in my heart I have had the feeling that this will be the year. So – I guessed the Tooth Fairy would be a good way to get her thinking.

Happy Mom: What do you think? Do you think she’s real?

Happy Girl: Well, I’m asking you. Is she real?

HM: What do you think?

HG: Well, how does the pixie dust get in there?

(When the Tooth Fairy visits our house there is always a trail of glitter pixy dust from the window to the tooth pillow.)

HM: Magic. *wink*

HG: So, is she real?

I bent over and whispered in her ear, “I’m the Tooth Fairy! Shhh.”

Her eyes lit up! Which, honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

She said, “Wow! So moms and dads are the Tooth Fairy! That is so cool. Some day when I’m the mom I’ll be able to be the Tooth Fairy too!!!”

She’s so cute. Then she added, “Can you give me $12 tonight?!”

Sweet mercy!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Please [Help] the tornado victims.

Hop over to my business blog, I've posted a way that we can all help the victims of the tornadoes this past week. They need our help rebuilding their homes and lives.