Thursday, February 14, 2008

I don't believe in Valentine's Day.

I don't believe in Valentine's Day. That is exactly what I told my friend today when we were talking about Valentine's Day plans. I've always thought it was a bit cheesy and couples should be showing their love for each other year-round and if you really need a day to celebrate your love would an anniversary do that?

Wow - that was a crazy long sentance. I never claimed to be a good

So, I do get the Happy Kiddos little goodies for this day because - isn't life a big party for kids? And this is just another great excuse to do that. So - why don't I use Valentine's Day as another great excuse to celebrate the love I have for my Hubby? Yeah - I'm a little slow, can you see.

Tonight when Hubby got home he said, "Do you not check for packages at the door?"

Sure enough, there was a box at the door and inside - a beautiful orchid plant! My sweetie got me flowers for Valentine's Day!

I do, I do, I do believe in Valentine's Day! It made me feel loved and happy, and I had nothing to give back to him because, you know, I don't believe in Valentine's Day. I felt so bad.

So, first thing tomorrow I'm going to buy my hubby a shirt that says

Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie! I promise I will forever believe in Valentine's Day. Thanks for always making me feel special and loved. I LOVE YOU!

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