Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Ornaments

Updated? I was going to publish this post on Christmas Eve, I guess I forgot. However, the benefit to this is that I can now include pictures. I've thrown them in at the bottom!

This year's ornaments for Happy Kiddos are wrapped and under the tree. And I really wish that I hadn't been so darned efficient and wrapped them up without first snapping a shot of them, cause really - they're priceless!

I always get ornaments that reflect something about that particular year for each of my Happy kiddos. This year I had an inspired moment while out with my girl friends at a ceramic shop. They had these great little ornaments and I thought I'd go ahead and make the ornaments myself for this year.

Happy Girl was easy...a fiddle.

Happy Boy. Well, the first thing that came to mind was poop. That pretty much sums up the year for the boy. Well, poop and farts and pee and toilet and any other words that had anything to do with bodily functions.

Marie was like "Great!"

Ad was all like, "NO WAY!"

I was "I'm laughing so hard I'm gonna pee my pants. It has to be poop."

And Ad is like "No WAY! I will be the voice of reason. I can not let my friend deck her tree in poop."

And I was "there's nothing wrong with poop, it all organic and natural."

And Marie got the needed supplies for poop. Mainly the brown glaze.

So, I sort of compromised for Addie's sake. On the front (wink*wink* the back) there is a face painted of the puppy we brought home this summer and the poop will be appropriately painted for all eternity on the back (wink*wink the front).

I can't wait to give him this ornament. Because I know full well that in 20 years from now this will be the one item he journals as his favorite Christmas treasure on BooMama's tour.

Until next time friends, have a very Merry Christmas!

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