Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Boy goes off to Kindergarten. *sigh*

I started the day with Happy Boy telling me he just wanted to be dropped off at the front of the school and he would walk in on his own. I told him that was great and he could do that another day but I really wanted to go in and get a couple of pictures of his first day in elementary. With a rolling of his eyes he conceded.

This was his choice of clothing for his first-day: Black spider/skeleton tee, black "skater boy" jeans, skull with flames belt, and cowboy boots. Quite the ensemble I tell you.
But really, could I deny him his choice - look at that face?!!

At least he was excited about first-day pictures. Here's one with his cool new "teenager" backback:

I love this picture of Happy Boy with his daddy walking up to the school. It makes me smile.
And here he is below writing in his journal in class about what he saw on the way to school that morning. *sigh*
I truly expected the DRS to kick in the minute I stepped out of his kindergarten classroom. Oddly, it didn't. I'm a crier, people...I've yet to shed a tear so I'm very bothered that it hasn't hit me. Maybe because it just feels like he's off to a play date, maybe it'll take a couple of weeks of everyday at school for it to hit me, who knows. I am a bit melancholy however.

****Updated: When I picked him up from school I gave him a huge hug and a kiss on the head and that boy wiped it! He wiped my kiss and whined, "Mom, I'm not a little kid anymore, you know!" That kicked the DRS into motion.

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