Sunday, June 29, 2008

VBS thoughts and bird bones. Huh?

So, the last day of VBS (aka SBO at Grace Church) Happy Girl came down with a fever and we had to stay home. Can't figure out what was behind all that but me and the happy kiddos had a quiet day at home.

The week overall went so well and was so much fun. If you live in the Overland Park, KS area and have children grade 1 thru 6 I highly recommend this VBS program. Our group of leaders/creators do such a fabulous job of teaching God's word to the children in a fun, exciting and interactive way. I just don't have enough good words to say about all that they do. They create their own curriculum each year and each year I am blown away.

Today we had the kids who attended sing on stage during worship and share what they learned each day. It was so much fun. Here is a clip from the practice on Friday:

I wasn't able to get a video or pics from this morning because I was trying to corral the kids on and off the stage but this gives you a bit of an idea.


In other news, since we were isolated at home for the entire day on Friday Happy Boy decided to be like Indiana Jones and try to excavate in the back yard. Here he is with one of his prized findings:

That my friends is the scull of a dead bird that he dug up from the back yard. I now have a display in a plastic bottle of tiny little bird bones. Yes, he found all of that birds bones and then some and they are now proudly displayed in my home. He had generously offered to turn our home into a museum for all 6 year old boys to visit and enjoy. I'm thrilled and oh so proud.

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