Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My day of fasting

Well, the fasting for Compassion International went very well today. It wasn't easy though, but very sweet indeed.

I had VBS today which meant putting out a lot of energy without fueling my body. It also meant that while the kids ate their yummy breakfast in the classroom I had the opportunity to pray for all the kids who do not have the opportunity to eat breakfast. And while we handed out snacks to our classroom of rice cakes, M&Ms, skittles and what have you, again I was able to pray for all the people in the world who aren't as fortunate in being able to eat breakfast much less a mid-morning snack.

When lunch came around and I smelled the yummy Taco salad being served to all the VBS volunteers I once again had the opportunity to pray for all those less fortunate and thank God for all the blessing in my life.

Then tonight we had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, it was tough to sit and watch everyone eat their pizza and cake. But it was sweet to sit and thank God for blessing all of my best friends with food and blessing us by allowing us to live is such a bountiful country.

The hunger I felt through this day is nothing compared to what so many people are feeling on a daily basis. I am blessed in that I had the option not to eat. All day I was given the opportunity for free and delicious meals. It brakes my heart that so many people starve because they have no choice. They struggle and work very hard to make ends meet.

What a blessed life I lead.

I pray that God will provide for the many people who have so little.

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